Malama Beach Holiday Village 4★ - Hotel Review

Malama Beach Holiday Village − Hotel Review.
🌍 Kapparis, Fig Tree Bay, Cyprus.

I stayed at Malama Beach Holiday Village 4★ in KapparisFig Tree BayCyprus 
with my Mama for 1 week, during August 3 - August 10, 2019.

: 6.
 1 = Bad. 10 = Very good.

We were pleased with our apartment. We lived in a two-room apartment superior with a floor terrace − it had a quite boring view of the other houses and the yard though, they have nice lime trees but it would be nicer with grass instead of dirt like they have now. The apartment was big, light and fresh which we liked.

The hotel is above the ocean/beach so there is a beautiful ocean view from the pool area.

Since it’s a kid-friendly family hotel it’s a very calm hotel, there’s no disturbing noise or anything that is bothering you during the evenings/nights, except for crickets that you will hear even if you are inside.

The staff/service in the buffet restaurant was good, after a few days they remembered our drink order and one of the waiters always greeted us with Swedish/Finnish phrases after learning where we are from, which was very fun.

They have a good system at the pool area where you get assigned chairs that you then get to keep for the whole stay. If you are not pleased with your chairs you can just let them know and get others that are available. We wanted chairs in the shade for example and right away we got the best chairs in the shade, in front of the pool bar (which can be a bit disturbing with the music if you don’t want to hear it but otherwise it was fine) and we had the beautiful ocean view to the left. With this system, you don’t have to worry about being able to get chairs every day so we really appreciated this system.

At the pool bar, there are water carriers where you can get your own water in glasses or fill your own bottles, which is much better to be able to do on your own instead of having to order water.

We met many cats there which we really liked since we are cat people!
The food is what I’m most displeased with. At All-Inclusive and in a buffet I expect a good food selection and good quality. But unfortunately, the food selection is very limited for a buffet, which is very sad since food actually becomes a big part of your holiday and especially when it is All-Inclusive. For me who is a Pescetarian (Vegetarian + fish) the selection was even smaller at the buffet and I haven’t had any problem with it at previous All-Inclusive hotels. They had different salads every day BUT many of them also contained meat! So there was a lot I couldn’t eat. Even for people who eat everything they had a pretty bad selection. The breakfasts had the best selections of all meals. So they should really improve the food since that is the biggest minus.

All photos of the pool area are quite misleading, both for the outdoor pools and the indoor pool. In the photos, the pools look bigger than they are which is very misleading, which is a bit sad to discover when you are already there. Especially the indoor pool looks much bigger in the photos than it actually is. So the photos could be changed and improved so guests won’t feel tricked by that.

Since the pools are not that big, they are always full of children and especially playing children, there is not much room left for adults who want to bathe and swim in peace and quiet, which is sad. There is not really any room left at all to swim since the pool is always full, and too small. The pools also close very early, already at 18:30. It will be hard to improve the pools though since they can’t start building bigger pools etc. but I’m writing this so others will know about it.

The hotel is above the beach/ocean and it is a public beach which means that the hotel doesn’t have any specific chairs down at the beach. The road between the hotel and the beach is also public.