Adidas Performance “Spain” training jacket.

You can see more photos here.

Yesterday I got my Adidas Performance “Spain” training jacket.
It's the official training jacket that Spain used in the World Cup 2014.

I got my Adidas Performance “Spain” training jacket from Zalando.

I found the training jacket some week ago when I searched for the official World Cup 2014 shirts. Spain was still competing in the World Cup 2014 when I found the training jacket so of course one of the reasons why I wanted to get it was because I cheered for Spain, but I also wanted to get it because I think it looks really nice. I've always liked Adidas and most of my clothes are black so I'm not surprised that I liked the training jacket so much and I simply had to get it!

When I first found the training jacket I thought that it was too expensive even if it's the official training jacket for Spain and Adidas is a big brand. But this weekend I searched specifically for the training jacket and then I found it on Zalando where I managed to get the last one in my size and it was cheaper and 45% off so I definitely couldn't complain over that prize when it was less than half of the prize I had seen on other websites!

FIFA World Cup 2014: Adiós Spain.

 Thanks to all for your support because . Thanks as always!

Spain's National Football Team just posted the photo and status above on their Twitter.
Spain's match against Chile tonight ended with 2-0 to Chile, which unfortunately means that Spain is eliminated from the FIFA World Cup 2014 so they won't play any more matches.

As I've written before, I was cheering for Spain in the FIFA World Cup 2010 and UEFA Euro Cup 2012 and they won both of those cups. Unfortunately they have now been eliminated from FIFA World Cup 2014 so they don't have any chance to win the cup this year. How crazy would it have been if they had won 3 cups in a row?! Many people are shocked that they didn't do way better in this year's cup though since they did won 2 cups in a row and they're world champions, but I guess the phrase “shit happens” fits in here. They are still champions but they obviously didn't have the best of luck in this year's cup. 

But we'll see them next in UEFA Euro Cup 2016 and they will have another chance in FIFA World Cup 2018.

FIFA World Cup 2014 starts today!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup starts today!
The tournament takes place in Brazil from today, June 12 to July 13, 2014.

The first match is tonight at 9:00 pm (Swedish time) and it's Brazil against Croatia.
I don't know if it's a tradition that the host country gets to play in the first match or if it's just a coincidence (since they draw which teams/countries end up in which groups), but I think it's nice that they get to be in the first match and open the tournament since they're the host country.

I'll obviously watch the match tonight and I'm cheering for Brazil!

In 2014 FIFA World Cup I'm cheering for Spain, as I did in the World Cup 2010 and EURO 2012.
Spain is in Group B and they will play their first match tomorrow on June 13.

After Spain I'm cheering for Italy, which is my only heritage country that's in the World Cup this year.

120701 - Congratulations, Spain!

Congratulations to Spain who won the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship!
Spain scored 4-0 against Italy in the finale tonight.

Spain became the first team to win 2 consecutive European Championships, and the first European international team to win 3 straight major tournament titles (UEFA Euro 2008, 2010 FIFA World Cup).

I obviously watched the game earlier tonight and I actually thought that Spain would win the finale and win the entire championship since they're so good and as far as I know they won every game they played before the finale, so it wasn't a surprise to me that they won the finale.

I'm actually a bit Italian so I apologize to my Italian roots for cheering on Spain, but I cheered for them in the FIFA World Cup and I decided to cheer for them now again in the UEFA Euro when Sweden lost. It wasn't a total loss for Italy tonight though, because since Spain already have gained entry to the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup by winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Italy qualified.

Once again; CONGRATULATIONS SPAIN! Viva España!

EURO 2012: Sweden - England.

Tonight it's time for Sweden's 2nd game in EURO 2012!

Sweden are playing against England in this game.
The game starts at 8:45pm (20:45), which is in exact 25 minutes.

This is the 2nd round of Group D. The game takes place in Kiev, Ukraine.

Sweden have to make at least 1 goal tonight to be able to go to quarter-final!

EURO 2012: Sweden - Ukraine.

I've seen one game in the EURO 2012 so far and that was the first game that started the EURO 2012 which was Greece - Poland.

But tonight is Sweden's first game which is against Ukraine and of course I'm going to watch that!
The game starts in exactly 35 minutes which is 8pm (20:00) here in Sweden. At first they will talk from 8pm−8:45pm (20:00-20:45) and then the game starts at 8:45pm (20:45).

As you probably understand I'm cheering for Sweden in the EURO 2012.
If Sweden don't win I want Spain to win. Spain won the FIFA World Cup in 2010 so they probably have a good chance to win EURO 2012 as well.

I'm going to watch all Sweden's games and I'll probably write about every one of them before they start here in my blog so you guys don't have any excuse to not watch them. Like my friend Angelica who says she won't watch the games, go watch it now!


[FOTO: Marcos Brindicci @ Expressen.]

Andrés Iniesta avgjorde finalmatchen när det återstod 4 minuter av förlängningen!
Jag hurrade för mig själv här hemma i soffan, och det kan man minst sagt säga att alla spanska spelare också gjorde; det blev kramkalas, tårar, en enorm glädje och ännu mer kramar! Det är första gången i historian som de vinner ett VM-guld. Och Spanien är nu det enda landet och laget i Europa som vunnit både ett EM-guld och ett VM-guld!

Jag visste faktiskt inte om varken Spanien eller Holland skulle få in ett mål i den här matchen. Jag tycker att Spanien fick väldigt många målchanser men de missade alla, tills Iniesta slutligen fick in ett snyggt mål bara 4 minuter innan hela matchen tog slut! Och matchen avgjordes såklart redan då och Spanien blev världsmästare!

Jag som inte ens är spansk eller känner några spanjorer blev helt rörd av alla känslor som visades efter att matchen hade avgjorts... Iniesta slet av sig tröjan och på linnet under stod det: ”Dani Jarque, siempre con nosotros”. Det var en hyllning till ärkerivalen Espanyols avlidne lagkapten. (Espanyols lagkapten avled, 26 år gammal, av en hjärtattack på ett hotellrum i augusti förra året. Han och Andrés Iniesta var bra kompisar trots rivaliteten mellan de två Barcelonaklubbarna.)
Att hylla en ärkerival (även om de nu var kompisar) är ändå jävligt fint gjort av honom. Men det gulligaste måste ändå varit Spaniens målvakt Iker Casillas som började gråta redan efter Iniestas mål och fortsatte att gråta av glädje även efter matchens slut. Det var så fint och det visade ju verkligen hur glad han var!

Ett välförtjänt VM-guld till Spanien tycker jag!

My name is Malin and I’m 27 years old. I’m a Finnish/Danish/Swedish/Italian girl, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I live with my silver shaded Persian cat named Pika. ♥

My name is Malin and I’m 27 years old. I’m born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I live in a apartment with my silver shaded Persian cat named Pika. ♥

I’m a Introvert with a INTJ personality. I’ve been a Pescetarian since 2006, and I’ve always had a Straight Edge lifestyle. I’m a big fan of Harry Potter and I’m sorted into Ravenclaw. I’m also a fan of Disney. I’m a animal lover, and a big supporter of animal rights and human rights.

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