Hollygood contest by Ferrero Rocher.

I won this Hollygood-box from Ferrero Rocher!

The box was filled with the moviesBattleship, Bridesmaids, Contraband, Les Misérables, Savages and Zero Dark Thirty and the sweets are from Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Maxi, Kinder Bueno and Tic Tac.

I've already seen Bridesmaids” and Zero Dark Thirty” but I look forward to see the other movies and I will of course eat the sweets too and also give some to my Mom! ♥

141122 - My Saturday & Today's shopping.

Today me and my Mom went to H&M. I found a really cute Christmas sweater on their website yesterday so I wanted to go there to see if they had it in the store so I could buy it but they didn't have it. So I have to order it from their website because I definitely must have it! Isn't it the best Christmas sweater ever?!

After we had finished looking in H&M and didn't find the sweater, we went to Kappahl where I bought 3 items which you can see in the end of the blog-post. Then we went to Åhléns where I bought a Chrismas card that I'll send to a friend who I always exchange Christmas cards with every year and I also bought two small Christmas presents but I'm not going to write what I bought in case any of them would read my blog.

After that we went to Espresso House. I ordered a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows and a mud-cake with whipped cream and my Mom ordered a cappuccino and a carrot cupcake. Then we went home and tonight we've been watching a movie and I also read the “Behind the scenes at Downton Abbeybook.

I found this hair-clip with a red bow at Kappahl and I had to buy it because it's really cute and it would be perfect to wear during Christmas!

At the same section in the store where I found the bow hair-clip I also found this Frozen pen. It's a ballpoint pen with different colors and you choose which color you want to write with.
 I also bought this Disney Frozen lip smacker pack which comes in a nice metal box. As a Disney and a Frozen fan I obviously couldn't resist to buy the pen and this lip smacker pack. I didn't know these Frozen lip smacker even existed but I'm happy that I found them! I'm planning to buy another Disney lip smacker pack that I've seen on Lindex website and that one is with the Disney Princesses and that's a 8 pack, so I'll have a total of 14 Disney lip smacker when I've bought that. As the big Disney fan I am, I'll be very happy with that collection!

141115 - “Dumb & Dumber To” + Chinese food.

Tonight me and my Mom went to a Chinese restaurant to have dinner. ♥

After that we went to the cinema to see “Dumb and Dumber To” that premiered here in Sweden on Wednesday. I have seen the first Dumb and Dumber” movie more than one time and it's definitely a good comedy movie. The first movie is already 20 years old by the way, it premiered in 1994 when I was only 4 years old! I also really like Jim Carrey, he's a good comedian and I've liked all of the movies that I've seen with him so far.

I think the movie was okay but I expected it to be so much more funny than it was. I honestly sat in my chair and wondered when the fun would start and when I would start laughing. I don't really think that's a good grade for a comedy movie and it have never happened to me before. Everyone else in the cinema laughed much more than me though so it might just be me who didn't think it was that funny. I don't know what it was, maybe I'm too old for the humor they used in the movie or something, I have no idea. But I definitely expected to get to laugh a lot while watching the movie tonight and unfortunately that never happened. But everyone else in the cinema laughed a lot so you should definitely go and see it if you want to, hopefully you'll also think it's more funny than I did.

140906 - Tacos & Stand'n'Stuff tortillas.

On Saturday I made tacos and tried the new Stand'n'Stuff tortillas from Old El Paso.

The tortillas are soft from the beginning but you're supposed to heat them up in the oven for some minutes so I put them in the microwave for 2 minutes and they ended up hard. So they are pretty similar to the yellow hard shells that you can see on the taco spice mix bag, since these tortillas also end up hard when you heat them up. But the tortillas taste better and they're also in a better shape. Even though they become hard when you heat them up, they definitely don't break as easily as the yellow hard shells does. The yellow hard shells usually breaks when you've just taken a bite of it but these tortillas you can actually hold and eat the whole thing.

I really liked these new Stand'n'Stuff tortillas and I will definitely buy them on my own. I prefer the normal soft tortillas but this is definitely the second best option according to me. The taco spice mix also have a new improved recipe and I really liked it. Since I'm a vegetarian/pesciterian, I use soy mince to tacos and I feel like this new recipe of the taco spice mix is actually better because the whole tacos was so delicious. We have one of the boxes with 8 tortillas left so I'll make and eat tacos this upcoming weekend as well.

Buzzador is a website where anyone can sign up to be a member and then they offer you different campaigns that you can say yes or no to. If you say yes and get accepted, you get to try the products that the campaign is about for free and also give some to your family/friends and then you get to say what you think about the products.

140905 - My 24th Birthday.

First course: Both me and my Mom had vegetarian spring rolls.

Main course: My Mom had chicken with cashew nuts and I had fried shrimps with curry sauce.

Princess Cake, which is a typical Swedish Birthday cake and I always get it for my Birthday.
On Friday, September 5, was my 24th Birthday!

Me and my Mom had dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant.

After that we went to a grocery store to buy a Birthday cake for me and we obviously bought a Princess Cake, which is my favorite Birthday cake and it's the cake that I always get for my Birthday.

Old El Paso products from Buzzador.

Today I got my package from Buzzador with the new Stand'n'Stuff Tortillas from Old El Paso.

I got 2 boxes with 8 Stand'n'Stuff Tortillas in each + 2 Taco Spice Mix bags.

I really like Tacos, as most people do, and I prefer Tortillas before the hard shells that's shown on the Spice Mix bags so it will be interesting to try these new Stand'n'Stuff Tortillas. Since I like normal Tortillas I guess I'll like these ones too, since they're still Tortillas and they're just made in a different shape.

I'll ask my Mom if we can eat Tacos on Saturday or Sunday so we can try these Stand'n'Stuff Tortillas.

is a website where anyone can sign up to be a member and then they offer you different campaigns that you can say yes or no to. If you say yes and get accepted, you get to try the products that the campaign is about for free and also give some to your family/friends and then you get to say what you think about the products.

140418 - My Easter Egg.

This is my beautiful Moomin Easter egg! ♥

I've filled my Easter egg with sour candy and small chocolate Easter eggs. Sour candy and chocolate is pretty much the only candy that I like.

My Mom bought my Moomin Easter egg for me from Cervera some weeks ago and the Easter egg is a limited edition and a part of the “Tove100collection that celebrates the art and life of Tove Jansson, the creator of Moomin, who would have been 100 years old this year in August 2014 if she was alive.

There's two Easter egg designs available and my Easter egg is obviously yellow with the Moominmamma, Moominpappa and two small Sniff's on it. The other design available is white with Mrs. Fillyjonk, The Mymble and Snorkmaiden on it. But my Mom bought the yellow one for me since she thought that was the one that looked best and I agree with her, even though I would of course have been happy if I had got the other one instead, but the yellow one feels very suiting for Easter since it's yellow.
 These Marabou milk chocolate pieces was in my Moomin Easter egg when my Mom bought it for me, but since I wanted to fill my Easter egg with regular candy, I put all the chocolate pieces in a bowl and put it on our living-room table.

As you can see, Easter means Easter eggs and candy for me, haha.

140328 - Macarons.

Today I finished making these macarons!

My Mom bought macarons from LIDL some days ago but it turned out that they were macarons without filling (so you're supposed to add your own filling & that way make your own macarons), so we obviously didn't eat them without any filling in them because then they wouldn't have been real macarons.

So today I made them into real macarons by adding some filling in them. The macarons are in the tastes of apricot, raspberry, chocolate and pistachio. I put strawberry jam in the apricot and raspberry macarons and almond icing in the chocolate and pistachio macarons. Now they have to be in the refrigerator for 24 hours so we will be able to taste them tomorrow evening.

131116 - Helsinki cruise.

They had Christmas decorations around the boat! I don't think I've ever been on a cruise in November before so I've never seen any Christmas decorations on the boat but it was very cosy to have some Christmas spirit on the boat!
They also had Christmas food at the buffet, which we ate at on the Saturday evening.

Uspenski Cathedral.
View from the Market Square in Helsinki, Finland.

This statue is in honor of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and her first visit to Helsinki on May 28, 1833.
The statue is located on Market Square, Helsinki, Finland.

City Hall of Helsinki on the Market Square, Helsinki, Finland.

Helsinki Cathedral.
This cathedral is one of Helsinki's landmarks and it's shown on many broschures etc.

I managed to find Akateeminen Kirjakauppa which is a huge bookstore that has 4 floors!
We found out about it in one of the broschures we read on the boat and apparently it's one of the biggest bookstores in Europe. So since I LOVE books I obviously wanted to visit it and luckily I found it so we got to spend some time in there and drool over all of the books (at least I did)

My Mom says that she thinks we've been in this bookstore before but I don't remember it. But it's possible that we've been there because this bookstore is right next to Stockmann which we usually visits when we're in Helsinki.

They had some beautiful Christmas trees with lights outside of Stockmann and there was also other Christmas decorations up in Helsinki.
 On Sunday evening we had dinner at the restaurant Ella's on the boat and this is what I ate: a vegetarian hamburger with french fries.

Me and Johanna had a nice cruise to Helsinki from Saturday November 16 and then we got home yesterday on Monday November 18. On Saturday we ate at the buffet where they mostly had Christmas food and some other food. As you can see from the photos we went off the boat in Helsinki on Sunday and we walked from the terminal towards the city since the tram apparently didn't go when we got off the boat, but it can be because it was a Sunday. I managed to guide us to the Market Square where we could see the Uspenski Cathedral and from there we went to the Senate Square where we saw the Helsinki Cathedral. After that we walked on the Aleksanterinkatu which is one of the main streets in the city. We had to walk a bit before we could find a Robert's Coffee where we went in and had a expensive breakfast. After that I managed to find the Akateeminen Kirjakauppa where we spent some time before we took a tram back to the boat. On the evening we ate at one of the restaurants on the boat and bought what we wanted to buy from the taxfree.

130905 - My 23rd Birthday.

Yesterday, September 5, was my 23rd Birthday so I'm now 23 years old!

I celebrated my Birthday at home with my Mom, and then at 6pm we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner together with my Dad, Brother, my aunt and my cousin Elin! ♥

We got home again around 8pm and then me and my Mom watched some TV and ate some more “Princess cake”.
We also watched the second episode of “The Americans” that I wrote about last week.

Princess cake” is a must on your Birthday! At least in my opinion.

I got these 4 books that I wanted from my Mom as birthday gifts. ♥ I always have books on my wish-list every year but there's always so many new books I want to read! I also got some other things from her.

Then I got money from my Dad, and my aunt came here already on Sunday, September 1 and dropped of a whole box with Pepsi Max cans (she knows me so well!) and yesterday she gave me a birthday-card and a Hello Kitty magazine (which she described as nothing special, but I loved it! I've obviously seen the HK magazine in stores before but I've thought that it's a real kids magazine with series about HK or something which would be a total waste of money even for me who likes HK, but the magazine contained activities, crafts & so on so it was definitely a much better magazine than I expected and I had a whole lecture for my Mom about it, haha! And the best thing about the magazine was of course the gifts that came with it; a HK pen, a rubber, a ruler & memo notes in 3 different patterns! So the magazine was definitely something special for a HK fan like me, haha! I'm definitely going to keep my eyes open in the stores in the future and peek at the gifts that comes with future magazines to see if they're something I'd like to have)

Dead Ever After” by Charlaine Harris (which is the last book about Sookie Stackhouse) and “The Lost Crown” by Sarah Miller.

True” by Hilary Duff (it's the third and last book in the book series “Elixir”) and “The Cuckoo's Calling” by Robert Galbraith (Robert Galbraith is J.K. Rowling's pseudonym so of course I have to read it!).

I took photos of mine and Martin's food at the Chinese restaurant:

My starter: Vegetarian spring rolls.

Martin's starter: Dumplings.

My main course: Deep-fried shrimps with curry sauce.
Martin's main course: Deep-fried pikeperch with sweet-and-sour sauce.

I had a good Birthday and I'm now 1 year older, 23 years old!

130612 - Cruise to Åland Islands with Johanna.

Macarons as dessert at the buffet. 
View from the deck at around 10:40pm.

Yesterday me and Johanna went on a cruise to Åland Islands with Viking Line Cinderella.

Angelica was supposed to come with us but she became sick the day before we were going so she couldn't come with us. Angelica actually found a free cruise offer and then we decided to take advantage of that and go on a cruise together, but then unfortunately she couldn't come with us.

But me and Johanna went on the cruise since we had paid for the buffet at the evening. No one wants to waste money, right?! And I think cruises in general are fun so of course I wanted to go. Anyway, we had fun on the cruise and we already said on the cruise that we're going to go on more cruises together in the future so we definitely had a nice cruise. And Angelica can of course come with us on a cruise in the future. 

130504 - Happy Birthday, Mom! ♥

Happy Birthday, Mom! ♥

Today is my Mom's birthday! My grandmother, grandfather, aunt, cousin and brother all came here to celebrate her. We had the delicious “princess cake” that's shown in the photo above.

They all got here around 1pm and stayed for some hours. Then my aunt and cousin stayed here for some more hours until the evening. After they drove home around 7pm me and my Mom went down to the closest pizza restaurant and bought 2 pizza's to take with us home and eat for dinner. Then we spent the rest of the evening watching TV. Happy Birthday once again, Mom! ♥

120525 - Strawberries & ice cream.

When we had finished having dinner at the Chinese restaurant me and my mom bought strawberries and daim ice cream at the grocery-store which we ate when we got home. The ice cream had already melted when we got home so that's a proof of how warm the weather was today!

120525 - Dinner on my Graduation day.

Since it's my “Graduation day” today I chose to celebrate it with having dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
So it was me and my mom and then my dad, my aunt, my cousin Elin & my cousin's dad came here to have dinner together with us to celebrate my graduation.

We had a really nice time together at the restaurant for some hours, or at least I had. ♥

The restaurant's menu.

Some interior in the restaurant.

My Mom and Aunt's starters.

My Mom and Elin (my cousin) took the same dish for dinner.

My dinner: Fried shrimps with curry sauce (and rice of course).

My desert: ice cream with chocolate sauce.

120507 - Chinese food.

Me, my Mom and Lena went to a Chinese restaurant today and had dinner. YUM!

120506 - Johanna's birthday.

Today me and Angelica went home to Johanna (just like I said we would in my previous blog-post) to celebrate her 23rd birthday!

When we had arrived to Johanna we had both chocolate cake and cheesecake that she had baked on her own. I only ate the chocolate cake though because it's the same chocolate cake that she baked some years ago for her birthday and I still remembered how good it tasted and I'm still in love with it so I just had to eat it! Haha. I've even told my Mom about that delicious chocolate cake and I'm getting the recipe from Johanna so I can bake it myself some day. Yum!

After we had eaten some cake and talked for some hours we went to a food store to buy some dinner since it was dinner-time. Me and Johanna both bought a pizza each and Angelica bought chicken wings and feta cheese! I've never seen someone only eating chicken with feta cheese but it was probably more delicious than it looked (even though I don't even eat chicken but I'm sure you get my point, I eat feta cheese though).

I took some photos of Johanna's balcony because I think it's nicely decorated. We need to hang out there some day! You can see me in the window on the photos of the plants, but pretend that you can't.

Johanna is so nice! ♥ It's her birthday but she gave both me and Angelica a bag with candy and 2 movies each! I think she have misunderstood something because she's the one who's supposed to get presents on her birthday, she's not supposed to give us presents! Haha, I'm obviously just kidding but I just think that it's so nice of her to give us something when it's her birthday! ♥ I got the movies “Me & Orson Welles” and “The Prince & Me: The Elephant Adventure”. I haven't seen those 2 movies so it will be fun to watch them some day.

When it was after 10PM (22:00) we decided to go home since it started to get late and Angelica was going to take the bus who went a ½ hour later. So we said goodbye to Johanna and went home.

When I got home I just read a magazine I also bought at the food store when we were there and I also watched 2 episodes of “Alcatraz” that they showed on TV since I had missed them when they went on their original time. After that I went to bed and finished reading “Dead to the World(Sookie Stackhouse #4).

Finally I just want to thank Johanna for inviting us to celebrate her birthday with her! ♥
I hope that she had a good birthday and that her birthday-wishes will come true! And of course that we get to know each other for many more years so we can celebrate more birthday's together! ♥

120504 - My Mom's birthday. ♥



120304 - Macarons!

Yesterday when me and my mom were on our way home we went to Gallerian first to buy these macarons!

We said last year that we would buy macarons some time so I could see what they tasted like but you can't buy them everywhere so we've never known where to buy them because they only sell them on like extra nice cafés or something. But for some weeks ago when I was in Gallerian I saw these macarons so now I knew where we could buy them so yesterday when we were in the city we thought that we could might as well buy them since we were already there.

I tasted the pink one, which is raspberry, yesterday and it taste almost like bisques. But bisques is obviously not that expensive as macarons are and they're not that colorful either. But now you also know how macarons taste like if you've been wondering!

120214 - Valentine's Day.

111224 - Christmas Eve. ♥

I only took a photo of the Christmas smorgasbord on this year's Christmas Eve, haha. ♥

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