DIY: Making yarn pom poms.

I made these 2 pom poms on Sunday.
I made these 2 small pom poms on Monday.

On Sunday I came up with the idea to make some yarn pom poms!
First I had to ask my Mom if she had some yarn to spare but she let me take whatever yarn I wanted and I chose two different blue yarns and purple yarn. I made yarn pom poms when I was little and they're really easy to make.

I came up with the idea to make some pom poms so I can put some on my suitcase since we're going to Rhodes and I also wanted to make one as a toy for Pika! My whole suitcase is black and so is probably 99% of all the other suitcases at the airport but if you put something on your suitcase like an address tag, a keychain or whatever you like it's obviously much easier to recognize your own suitcase when you're going to pick it up at the airport! So I came up with the idea to make some colorful pom poms to put on my suitcase and then I will definitely be able to recognize it much easier.

I'm going to put the 2 small pom poms on my suitcase and maybe one of the other ones or I'll maybe make another small one.

When I was making the first pom pom on Sunday I thought of maybe filming a DIY tutorial of how you make a yarn pom pom for my YouTube channel so I might film that someday in the future.