My 2018 in Music.

This is my 2018 in Music according to Spotify!

I've listened to 17,693 minutes of music in 2018 so far.
My Top Genre is still Pop.
My Top Artists are HIM, Avicii, Ghost, Demi Lovato and Kygo.

I spent 19 hours listening to HIM. HIM will always be one of my favourite bands indeed and I'm so sad they disbanded last year, and I'm even sadder that I didn't even know about their last tour until it was too late and their last dates were sold out when I checked. I saw them live 2 times but I would've loved to see them live one last time on their last tour but I didn't get the chance to do so, so I've "tortured" myself by listening to them a lot instead.

“It's in the stars...” I listened to more Virgo artists - like Avicii and Kygo - than any other star sign. This is funny to me since I'm a Virgo myself! Apparently, I'm drawn to Virgo artists and many artists I like are also Virgos? Interesting!

My favourite musical subgenre is Dance Pop. There are about 2,872,196 listeners who love this type of music as much as I do.

I started 2018 by listening to “Despacito - Remix” by Luis Fonsi, and the first artist I discovered was Wisin. With all the new music coming out, I still found time for oldies like “(What A) Wonderful World - Remastered” recorded 1960 by Sam Cooke.

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