111216-111217 - My weekend with Elin.

On Friday, December 16, I met up with Elin after she quit her school and then we went Christmas shopping. After we were done with our shopping, we went and bought some food, then we went home to my place and left/picked up my things and after that we went home to Elin where I was going to sleep over.

111216 - Elin forced me to taste a cocosnut for the first time. She bought one when we bought food. I don't think it taste that much actually and the texture was a bit weird. I actually think cookies/candy with cocos in tastes better than the actual cocosnut, haha.

111217 - Me, Elin, Marjo & Lars played Monopoly where Elin beated us all. I thought I would get some extra luck in the game when I stole this little Hello Kitty figure and played with it, but I didn't got any extra luck. This Kitty can't be that smart since she ended up on Elin's London-hotel 3 times in a row...

111217 - Meet my new friend, Elin's Mamegoma stuffed-animal! It's just too cute! ♥ I definitely have to buy a Mamegoma stuffed-animal to myself so I don't have to steal Elin's stuffed-animal to talk with... Haha!

I stayed at Elin's place until Sunday, December 18, when I went home again.

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