My 23rd Birthday.

Yesterday, September 5, was my 23rd Birthday so I'm now 23 years old!

I celebrated my Birthday at home with my Mom, and then at 6pm we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner together with my Dad, Brother, my aunt and my cousin Elin! ♥

We got home again around 8pm and then me and my Mom watched some TV and ate some more “Princess cake”.
We also watched the second episode of “The Americans” that I wrote about last week.

Princess cake” is a must on your Birthday! At least in my opinion.

I got these 4 books that I wanted from my Mom as birthday gifts. ♥ I always have books on my wish-list every year but there's always so many new books I want to read! I also got some other things from her.

Then I got money from my Dad, and my aunt came here already on Sunday, September 1 and dropped of a whole box with Pepsi Max cans (she knows me so well!) and yesterday she gave me a birthday-card and a Hello Kitty magazine (which she described as nothing special, but I loved it! I've obviously seen the HK magazine in stores before but I've thought that it's a real kids magazine with series about HK or something which would be a total waste of money even for me who likes HK, but the magazine contained activities, crafts & so on so it was definitely a much better magazine than I expected and I had a whole lecture for my Mom about it, haha! And the best thing about the magazine was of course the gifts that came with it; a HK pen, a rubber, a ruler & memo notes in 3 different patterns! So the magazine was definitely something special for a HK fan like me, haha! I'm definitely going to keep my eyes open in the stores in the future and peek at the gifts that comes with future magazines to see if they're something I'd like to have)

Dead Ever After” by Charlaine Harris (which is the last book about Sookie Stackhouse) and “The Lost Crown” by Sarah Miller.

True” by Hilary Duff (it's the third and last book in the book series “Elixir”) and “The Cuckoo's Calling” by Robert Galbraith (Robert Galbraith is J.K. Rowling's pseudonym so of course I have to read it!).

I took photos of mine and Martin's food at the Chinese restaurant:

My starter: Vegetarian spring rolls.

Martin's starter: Dumplings.

My main course: Deep-fried shrimps with curry sauce.
Martin's main course: Deep-fried pikeperch with sweet-and-sour sauce.

I had a good Birthday and I'm now 1 year older, 23 years old!