Ed Sheeran at Friends Arena today!

Tonight I'm going to see Ed Sheeran at Friends Arena! ♥
I'm going to the concert with my friend Veronica.
We wanted to see him last year when he was in Stockholm, Sweden for the first time but unfortunately we didn't get tickets to that concert. I've never experienced not managing to get tickets to a concert while trying to book them before so that was a first for me that hopefully won't ever happen again.
So, we didn't get to see Ed last year and now it's been a bit more than a year since we booked the tickets to the concert today so we have waited and looked forward to this for more than a year and today's the day!
We have both been fans of Ed's music for many years so I'm sure that it will be amazing to get to hear his music live, and that the whole concert will be a beautiful and cosy experience that we will remember. ♥