Taylor Swift – The Eras Tour │ Friends Arena Stockholm Sweden │ 17 May 2024

Taylor Swift ❝The Eras Tour❞ at Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden on 17 May 2024.
│ 00:00 Willow03:20 Shake It Off06:28 Bad Blood07:18 But Daddy I Love Him11:22 Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?14:13 I Can Do It With a Broken Heart16:51 Peter21:28 Lavender Haze24:01 Anti-Hero25:57 Vigilante Shit27:37 Karma
I filmed this video on 17 May 2024.
Sadly, the lighting in the arena really messed with my phone camera and that’s why the videos are blurry, which is very sad. It’s not the video quality I expect or I’m happy with. The same thing happened at the previous concert I was at in the same arena so I should have brought my digital camera to film with instead since it hasn’t failed me before. I’m thinking of upgrading my phone asap because of this, so I can trust that I will be able to film videos in great quality that I’m used to without any problem in the future, or I will use my digital camera or upgrade it to a better digital camera. ❝Bad Blood❞ + ❝I Can do It With A Broken Heart❞ are the songs with best video quality. The sound is great, but it doesn’t help much when it’s a video.