Classic Happy Planner vs Personal Planner - Review.

I will not order a Happy Planner again.
After using Personlig Almanacka/Personal Planner for 3 years2016 to 2018, I decided to try Happy Planner for 2019.
I mainly bought one because I had been slacking with filling in my Personal Planner for the last 5 months of 2018, and I somehow thought getting this new Classic Happy Planner Coastal was a good idea.
But obviously it was a bad decision to change something that has been working for me for so long, even though I went through a slow period. Lesson learned!
Not having a Personal Planner for 2019 just made me miss having one and I have realized that Personal Planner in A5 is my "planner peace", and I look forward to go back to it.
Classic Happy Planner Coastal is beautiful, but I have not been able to use it.
The planner is too big and clumsy, the discs also make it more clumsy and discs are so different from a spiral and I do not like them at all. The columns for days are not as wide as they are in Personal Planners + the paper is thinner than it is in Personal Planners which makes it easier for pens to bleed through the paper.
Classic Happy Planner17.78 x 23.495 cm / 7″ x 9.25. Personal PlannerA5 14.8 x 21 cm / 5.8 x 8.3″.
I will only fill in my Happy Planner just so I will have a memory planner from 2019, since it is too late to order a Personal Planner for this year.
I use planners for both memory planning and normal planning, so ideally I would fill in my planner every week.
What is your "Planner peace"?

Classic Happy Planner Coastal 2019  Personal Planner 2017  Personal Planner 2016.