Classic Happy Planner Coastal 2019 │ Flip Through Overview

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This is the limited edition MAMBI Classic Happy Planner 2019Coastal”!

New year, new planner. After using Personlig Almanacka/Personal Planner for some years, I’m going to try Happy Planner so this is my new planner for 2019!

I look forward to getting a whole day for Saturdays and Sundays in this planner layout because I’ve always missed that in Personlig Almanacka/Personal Planner, I’ve otherwise always been happy with them. So that’s mainly why I decided to try a Happy Planner.

Happy Planners are a bit bigger than Personal Planners since they have a whole day for Saturdays and Sundays, they have discs instead of a spiral and the paper is a bit thinner, so that’s the biggest changes between them.

I filmed this video on December 28, 2018.

UPDATE: I will not order a Happy Planner again. Classic Happy Planner vs. Personal Planner - Review.