Debby Ryan’s Limited Edition “Lady” Hats.

My design process. Cursive isn't dead.” - Debby.

I made us dadhats...
"My mother told me two things constantly. One was to be a lady. The other was to be independent." -Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Now let's get in formation.
Debby Ryan designed limited edition hats with “Lady” embroidered on them that was for sale on Represent for only 2 weeks. The hats were available in black, light blue and light pink. Proceeds from every purchase went to LoveIsRespect.

I had to buy a black Lady” hat, of course!
I have another black Hello Kitty hat but it's another model. I've always thought hats in this “dad hat” model are most comfortable and I've been wanting to get a simple black one for a while since I surprisingly didn't have one before, and I think black ones look best and they would also suit any outfit.

So when I saw this it spoke to me and I had to get the black one. I also really like that it has Lady” embroidered on it for everything it can mean AND it's limited edition which means that it's a unique hat that you can no longer buy and I'll probably never see anyone in the same hat. So I'm very happy with it!