❝The Tunnel❞ - Trailer.

The Tunnel (
FrenchTunnel) is a British/French crime drama television series, adapted from the 2011 Danish/Swedish crime series The Bridge (Broen/Bron). The Tunnel premiered on October 16, 2013 in the UK and on November 11, 2013 in France.

The series stars 
Stephen Dillane and Clémence Poésy as British and French police detectives Karl Roebuck and Elise Wasserman, respectively. 

The plot follows the two detectives working together to find a serial killer who left the upper-half body of a French politician and the lower-half of a British prostitute in the 
Channel Tunnel, at the midpoint between France and the UK. They later learn that the killer—who comes to be nicknamed the “Truth Terrorist—is on a moral crusade to highlight many social problems, terrorising both countries in the process. As the series progresses, the killer's true intention is revealed. A second series is reported to be in the works
I've seen the Danish/Swedish series “The Bridge” (Broen/Bron) and I really like it so when I found out that they've made a British/French adaption and Clémence Poésy (who plays Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter) plays one of the leads I knew I wanted to watch it. So I've been watching Season 1 on the Swedish TV channel SVT1 every Monday evening for the past nine weeks and tonight they'll show the tenth and last episode. I've read that they're going to make a Season 2 but I don't know when, but I'll definitely watch the second season as well.