HEOS 3 by Denon speakers contest.

 Today I got my package with my Heos 3 speakers from Denon that I won on Icakuriren.
The speakers are portable and you don't have to connect them to a radio. You just connect them to your phone, tablet or computer and then you can listen to the music you have in your phone/tablet/computer or listen to Spotify (or other music services but I only use Spotify) or listen to whatever internet radio channel you want to listen to.

There's also a free app called Heos by Denon that works like a remote for the speakers so I'll probably have to download it but it makes sense to have an app to control the speakers since you can connect them and listen to music through your phone. The app is available for both Android and iPhone.

I won't use the speakers until I have my own home because I don't really have any use of them right now and I don't have any place for them either. But I will store them safely until I have my own home and then they will still be brand new.