Shopping, dream books & bucket lists

The Last Concubine” by Lesley Downer.

On Thursday me and my Mom took our bicycles and went off to look in a few stores.

I got the book on the photo above for only 10 kr, 14 pairs of ankle socks for 99 kr (those short socks that are great for short shoes. I've been wanting to get some ankle socks for so long but in most stores the sell 5 pairs or 7 pairs for 99 kr so 14 pairs for 99 kr was definitely a good bargain!), 2 Hello Kitty bottles with strawberry & raspberry drinks (I've already got 2 bottles before so I know that they taste good & they're cute Hello Kitty bottles in different designs so as a Hello Kitty fan I had to buy them in 2 new designs) and a 4 pack of Hello Kitty toilet paper (toilet paper isn't that exciting to buy, but as a Hello Kitty fan it's too cute to resist & I'll probably use them once I get my own home, haha).

After we had looked in a few stores I went to my friend Johanna's workplace and waited for her to finish her work day, and then we went home to her place and hung out. We talked and ate dinner together and made plans for what we're going to do the next time we'll see each other. ♥

We're going to make our own dream books, or that's what I like to call them anyway. It's something that I've been wanting to do and planning to do for months now so I really look forward to finally make my dream book, and when I told Johanna about it she got as excited as me and also wanted to do it. So what we're going to do is to find a perfect book for ourselves that we'll then fill with our own bucket lists! A bucket list is a list of everything that you want to do in your life. So we'll make our own dream books with text and pictures of everything that we want to do, explore and experience in our lives. And every time we've done something in our book, we'll cross that we've done that and during our lifetime we'll be able to look through our dream books and see what dreams, plans and wishes we've actually accomplished from our bucket lists.

I think everyone should make their own bucket list. You don't have to make it into a whole project like we'll be doing but we'll only do that because we like crafts and these kinds of things. You can just make a bucket list as a simple list on a piece of paper/s and save it somewhere and there you have your bucket list! I think it would be as fun for everyone to see what you've actually accomplished during your life and I think a bucket list is a perfect way to do that. Otherwise, I think it's easy to just continue living your life and not really think about what you want to accomplish and if you don't think about it you won't realize when you do accomplish something or how much you've accomplished. So I'd definitely advice you all to make some sort of bucket list!