Oral-B products from Buzzador.

Today I picked up my package from Buzzador which contained these products from Oral-B.

Oral-B Pro-Expert is a new toothpaste that gives you better protection in all the areas that dentists check the most. 
With regular brushing Oral-B Pro-Expert will help: prevent holes, prevent plaque, protect the gum, give increased protection against painful sensitivity, prevent calculus, give whiter teeth in taking away external stains, prevent enamel erosion and give you a fresh breath.

The toothpaste is clinically proved to give all-around protection.

I haven't tried the toothpaste yet but I'm curious to see if it's as good as it's supposed to be and if it makes my teeth whiter.

Buzzador is a website where anyone can sign up to be a member and then they offer you different campaigns that you can say yes or no to. If you say yes and get accepted, you get to try the products that the campaign is about for free and also give some to your family/friends and then you get to say what you think about the products.