Selena Gomez at Arenan/Fryshuset today!

Today I'm going to see Selena Gomez live at Arenan/Fryshuset! ♥

I'm going to the concert with my friend Veronica. First we're going to eat some food together and then at 4pm we'll go to Fryshuset. They'll open the doors at 6:30pm and then at 7:30pm the opening act Anton Ewald will start to perform and then around 8:30pm the concert will start for real when Selena Gomez starts performing!

I've liked Selena ever since I first saw her in “Wizards of Waverly Place” on Disney Channel (WOWP premiered on the Swedish Disney Channel in February 2008) so I first liked her because of her acting, and since I already liked her I obviously started listening to her songs when she started her singing career. So I like her both as an actress and singer.
I've been looking forward to this evening since April 15 when I found out that Selena would have a concert here in StockholmSweden and now the concert day is finally here!