Rihanna “777 Tour” - Berns, Stockholm, Sweden.

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We were supposed to be allowed to get in at 7pm (19:00) but they postponed it 1 hour so we were allowed to get in at 8pm (20:00). And then we had to wait over 3 (!) hours for Rihanna to start performing. 

I don't think it's okay for anyone to let people wait that long when everyone are there to see you, no matter if you're a big star or not. If it would have been a normal concert and I would have payed for my ticket, I would be even more annoyed and angry than I was yesterday. Most people at Berns were drinking so some of them probably didn't mind the long wait, but for me who doesn't drink and just had to stand there and wait it was really annoying and I started to wonder if she would show up at all.
Anyway, when she did show up at around 11:40pm (23:40), she did a good performance. 
But, even though she did a good performance, the fact that we had to wait so long for her to get on stage is still really annoying. Don't get me wrong though, I'm happy I won these tickets and got to see her, but I just wish that she hadn't let us wait that long for her to start her performance. There's probably many people who were there who won't buy tickets to see her again since she was so late this time. And on top of it all it took me almost 3 hours to get home because I just missed a night-bus and had to wait almost 1 hour for the next one so I got home at almost 4am (04:00)