Palmolive “Ayurituel joyous” & “Ayurituel energy” soaps.

I got an e-mail last week from some woman who's working at Palmolive and she told me that I had won a contest on Palmolive's (Swedish) Facebook-page.

I've entered in their big contest to win a trip to India but it seems like apparently you've automatically entered for other weekly contests as well when you've entered for that big contest, since I didn't enter in any other contests & won a contest anyway. But that's just fine by me! Who doesn't want to win contests?!

As you can see by the photos, I won a bathing gel and a hand-soap each from Palmolive's new products. Their new products that I got is called “Ayurituel joyous” and “Ayurituel energy”. These products are part of their new series “Palmolive Ayurituel” and they're inspired by Ayurveda rituals. The products are enriched with unique ingredients and delicate Indian-inspired scents. 

Ayurituel joyous” is with Indian mulberry & lotus flower and “Ayurituel energy” is with Indian sandalwood & ginger

I personally thought that the pink one which is the “Ayurituel joyous” smelled the nicest so I chose that bathing gel and hand-soap for myself and then I gave the other “Ayurituel energy” to my Mom. ♥