Yesterday’s planning of our Halloween party.

Yesterday evening Johanna came to my home and were here for some hours.

We were just at home for some minutes before we decided to go to the closest Chinese restaurant to buy take-away dinner. We had decided earlier that we wanted to have Chinese food for dinner so both of us looked forward to it, but when we got home with our food I discovered that they'd given me the wrong sauce even though I specifically asked for the sauce I wanted. That kind of ruined my dinner a little since the sauce I wanted (curry) is the best one and I don't even like the sauce I got (sweet-and-sour). But besides that we had a nice dinner.

When we'd finished eating we started to plan for our Halloween party, which was the main reason on why we met yesterday. Me, Johanna and Angelica are going to have a Halloween party on October 27!

I was the one who said to Angelica that we should have a Halloween party and she agreed and then we asked Johanna as well. We hosted a Halloween party together some years ago and everyone liked it so hopefully this year's Halloween party will be even better!
So me and Johanna planned almost everything for the party yesterday. We want to send out the invites to the party as soon as possible so everyone will be able to come, so that's why we planned the party this "early". I don't think it's that early though since it's pretty much September already and the party is in the end of October.
I already know what I'm going to dress up as on our Halloween party but I'm keeping it a secret until then. Johanna and Angelica obviously already know what I'm going to dress up as but I also know what they'll dress up as so that doesn't really count.
I look forward to October 27 anyway, and I hope we'll have a great Halloween party together! ♥