Elijah Wood 💖 Comic Con Stockholm 2023

Elijah Wood at Comic Con Stockholm 2022! 💖

Comic Con Stockholm 2023 because I wanted to see Elijah Q&A, and I got to meet him at his signing. I got my “The Hobbit” book signed.

Q&A 」↴
│ 00:00 Welcome to Stockholm!00:13 Question about food02:17 If you could swap lives with a fictional character for a day, who would it be and what wacky adventures would you then embark on in their world? │ 03:45 Question about what lullabies Elijah sings for his children + they sang a bit together03:51 Elijah replied to a question, and revealed that he hasn’t read “The Lord of the Rings” books!05:16 Question about Moomin, because they had heard that he loves Moomin │ 03:45 Did you spend any time with Orlando Bloom off-screen? Since his character doesn’t say a word to him in the movies 

Because of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike you couldn’t ask any questions about specific characters and roles from any of his previous or current work.

Sadly the lighting inside the hall was very bad and it affected the video quality.

I filmed this video on 4 November 2023.