Stray Kids Official Fanclub STAY 4th Generation ❝STAY Hideout❞ Kit Unboxing

Stray Kids Official Fanclub – STAY 4th Generation STAY Hideout Kit – Unboxing.
This is Stray Kids official STAY Fanclub kit!
STAY 4th Generation means that this is the 4th and 4th year of their Fanclub membership + kit.
STAY Hideout is the name and theme for the 4th Generation and 2024.
STAY 4th Generation Fanclub includes this kit, a verified FANS membership, and possible concert and event benefits.
I’m sure that I’m not the only i-Stay who is hoping that benefits or presales will also be given to i-Stays, but so far they have only been given in Korea.
│ 00:00 ❝STAY HideoutBox00:13 STAY Cardthe card has your name on it so I had to cover it a bit00:20 Inside the box00:32 STAY Cake Keyringit can hold a 10cm Skzoo!00:40 PVC Wallet00:53 Friendship Bracelet01:01 Cutting Sticker Pack01:09 ID Photo Setyou can put a photo in the PVC wallet!01:23 Photo Set01:32 OT8 Photocards01:42 OT8 Photocards Back01:48 Unit Photocards01:57 Unit Photocards Back02:03 Photobook + Sneak peek
I filmed this video on 16 May 2024.