My 2017 Reading Challenge @ Goodreads.

This is the results of my 2017 Read Challenge on Goodreads!
You can see my ratings of the books here if you're curious.

Unfortunately I didn't complete my Reading Challenge in 2017 either. I haven't completed any of my Reading Challenges since 2012, which is just bad. But since I've been doing these Reading Challenges since 2012 I'm not going to stop doing them or stop challenging myself, no matter if I complete them or not. It's definitely time for me to change this though and just read more books every year.

In 2018 I'm going to try to read 28 books since the number suits the year and that's 2,33 books per month so it should be doable.

How many books do you want to read in 2018?

My past Reading Challenges on Goodreads2012201320142015, 2016.

Santa Pika. ♥

 Merry Christmas from me & Santa Pika! ♥

Pika is now years & 9 months old. ♥

Check out my Santa Pika blog posts (videos) from 2016 and 2015.

I took this photo on November 262017 when I took Christmas photos of Santa Pika. ♥

171217 - Third Advent.

Today is the Third Advent!

Today it's only 7 days left to Christmas Eve. ♥

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” premiere!

Today is the “Star Wars: The Last Jedipremiere!

I'm going to see the movie in exactly 3 hours with my Brother and Dad at my local cinema.
We're going to eat dinner together somewhere before the movie starts.

I look forward to seeing the movie and the continuation of Rey's story, and of course seeing the cute BB-8 again and the cutest new character; the Porg! ♥

I took the photo above of the Star Wars decorations yesterday at SF Sergel but it's perfect to share today.

Star Wars 3D glasses.

Yesterday I saw these cool exclusive Star Wars 3D glasses at SF Sergel!

My Mom was nice and bought me a pair so I'll use them at the “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” premiere tonight!

I chose black because I prefer black over white, and Death troopers are actually more badass than Stormtroopers. Black also goes with everything and they look more normal than the white ones so they don't only have to get associated with Star Wars, they can just look cool on their own too! 
And of course, I'll save them and use them for future 3D movies!

171210 - Second Advent.

Today is the Second Advent!

Today it's only 14 days left to Christmas Eve. ♥
Since it's December 10th, today is also the Nobel day (when they hand out the Nobel prizes) and my name day (Malin)!

My 2017 in Music.

This is my 2017 in Music according to Spotify!

I've listened to 15,495 minutes of music in 2017 so far.
My Top Genre is Pop.
My Top Artists are Ed Sheeran, Def Leppard, Flo Rida, INNA and Pitbull.

My Top Songs are “Sommar sommar sol” - JLC (this song is made by a Swedish YouTuber trio, apparently I actually liked this song & found it catchy, haha), “Hysteria- Def Leppard, “The Touch - KOLAJ, “100 Degrees” - KOLAJ and “Ecuador - Original Mix” - Sash!.
My Top Songs is a quite interesting mix; a Swedish “joke” song, a rock ballad and “party” songs. 

Spotify also told me: You skipped 576 songs this year, which means your trigger finger is more active than most. Maybe start listening with a fidget-spinner in hand?” which sounded quite funny to me. I do know that I skip many songs, but most of my playlists are filled with so many songs and sometimes certain songs don't speak to me or my current mood but I still like them and don't want to remove them from my playlist.

You can check out your own 2017 in music here.

171203 - First Advent.

Today is the First Advent!

Today it's only 21 days left to Christmas Eve. ♥

My name is Malin and I’m 27 years old. I’m a Finnish/Danish/Swedish/Italian girl, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I live with my silver shaded Persian cat named Pika. ♥

My name is Malin and I’m 27 years old. I’m born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I live in a apartment with my silver shaded Persian cat named Pika. ♥

I’m a Introvert with a INTJ personality. I’ve been a Pescetarian since 2006, and I’ve always had a Straight Edge lifestyle. I’m a big fan of Harry Potter and I’m sorted into Ravenclaw. I’m also a fan of Disney. I’m a animal lover, and a big supporter of animal rights and human rights.

My interests are animals, anime, art, blog, clothes, crafts + DIY, family, friends, fantasy, gaming, interior design, literature, movies, music, photography, shopping, traveling, tv-series, web-design, writing & youtube.

My blog is a lifestyle blog. Since October 2011 I write all of my blog-posts in English.

Read more about my blog here.


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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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