Christmas shopping & crafts.

I found this Polar Bear decoration at Rusta and I obviously had to buy it and add it to my collection! ♥

I found these Disney Christmas heart bulbs at Ö&B and I had to get them! ♥ I digged through the whole box of them to find the ones with the best design. I love that the Disney Princesses have winter clothes on and that I got a bulb with Belle on it! ♥ I'm definitely going to hang these in my Christmas tree in the future.

I got this Christmas card making set from Lidl.

I got these Christmas stickers from Rusta and the greeting card set from Lidl.
I got these Christmas Santa stickers from Rusta and Ö&B.

My chocolate advent calendar for 2015.

Today I went to some stores looking for a chocolate advent calendar but I could only find some in the fourth store that I went to. They had some different classic designs but I obviously chose the one on the photo above.

Most of the stores have probably removed all of the chocolate advent calendars since it's already December 1 tomorrow so this was a very last minute purchase but I don't plan to stop my chocolate advent calendar this year or anytime soon so I obviously had to get one today!

I've never bought my chocolate advent calendars this last minute before so next year I definitely have to buy one earlier. I usually choose a chocolate advent calendar with a Hello Kitty or Disney design, or both, but unfortunately I couldn't find any today so I had to buy the best one I could find.

151129 - First Advent.

Today is the First Advent! 

Have you decorated your home for Christmas yet?!

Today it's only 3 weeks and 4 days left to Christmas Eve! ♥

Melody Gardot @ Stockholm Waterfront today.

Tonight I'm going to Melody Gardot's concert at Stockholm Waterfront with my Uncle.
I won 2 tickets to Melody Gardot's concert already in June and I invited my uncle to go with me since I thought that he might like her music.
I've honestly not really listened to her music before because I don't listen to that music genre but I think it can be fun to listen to some live music that I've never listened to before and it will definitely be a new experience for me.

Beyoncé - Ghost.

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2”.

I found this big “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2” poster at the Rigoletto cinema in Stockholm before we were going to watch the movie. ♥

Helsinki & Viking Line shopping.

I found these Moomin Christmas postcards in a bookstore in Helsinki and I obviously had to buy them. ♥ I'm giving the red Little My postcard to my Mom but I'm going to keep the others and put them up somewhere as decoration in the future.
I obviously had to go back to the Tax Free store and buy this Hello Kitty matryoshka. I've never seen any Hello Kitty matryoskas before and I thought this looked very unique so I had to buy it and I'm definitely going to display it as decoration in the future.
I also bought this Disney Cinderella coloring book from the Tax Free store.

Helsinki cruise.

Sky Wheel in Helsinki.

Helsinki cathedral.

Christmas tree outside of Stockmann.

We ate breakfast at Starbucks.
When we got back on the boat they had put up Christmas decorations!
I found this unique Hello Kitty matryoshka with a perfume inside in the Tax Free store.

On Sunday November 15 to Tuesday November 17 me and my Brother went on a Viking Line cruise to Helsinki.

“Mockingjay: Part 2” Premiere.

Today is the “Mockingjay: Part 2” premiere! ♥

I'm obviously going to see the movie today when it premieres and I'm going to see it with my Brother and Dad at 6:00 PM.

I'm really looking forward to see “Mockingjay: Part 2” and to see how it turned out since I've read all of the books and I know what will happen but I'm also a bit sad to see it since this is the fourth and last “The Hunger Games” movie.

I definitely have high expectations on “Mockingjay: Part 2” and I've read that it might be the best one of them all. Since I've read the books I know that this movie will definitely be the saddest movie of them all but I'm really curious to see how the end of the movie will look like because it's a happy ending in the book.

Trisslott contest by Hemmets Journal.

Today I got my prize that I had won in a Hemmets Journal contest.

It was a trisslott (lottery ticket) but as you can see in the photo above I didn't win anything unfortunately.

3 of my favorite Christmas movies.

Today I got 3 Christmas movies that I ordered from Discshop:
Arthur Christmas”, Disney's A Christmas Carol” and The Polar Express”.

I've seen these movies before and I think they're all good and cozy Christmas movies. ♥
You have to watch Christmas movies before and during Christmas, right?!

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