140626 - Shopping, dream books & bucket-lists.

The Last Concubine” by Lesley Downer.

At Thursday me and my Mom took our bicycles and went off to look in a few stores.

I got the book on the photo above for only 10 kr, 14 pairs of ankle socks for 99 kr (those short socks that are great for short shoes. I've been wanting to get some ankle socks for so long but in most stores the sell 5 pairs or 7 pairs for 99 kr so 14 pairs for 99 kr was definitely a good bargain!), 2 Hello Kitty bottles with strawberry & raspberry drinks (I've already got 2 bottles before so I know that they taste good & they're cute Hello Kitty bottles in different designs so as a Hello Kitty fan I had to buy them in 2 new designs) and a 4 pack of Hello Kitty toilet paper (toilet paper isn't that exciting to buy, but as a Hello Kitty fan it's too cute to resist & I'll probably use them once I get my own home, haha).

After we had looked in a few stores I went to my friend Johanna's work place and waited for her to finish her work day, and then we went home to her place and hung out. We talked and ate dinner together and made plans for what we're going to do the next time we'll see each other. ♥

We're going to make our own dream books, or that's what I like to call them anyway. It's something that I've been wanting to do and planning to do for months now so I really look forward to finally make my dream book, and when I told Johanna about it she got as excited as me and also wanted to do it. So what we're going to do is to find a perfect book for ourselves that we'll then fill with our own bucket-lists! A bucket-list is a list of everything that you want to do in your life. So we'll make our own dream books with text and pictures of everything that we want to do, explore and experience in our lives. And every time we've done something in our book, we'll cross that we've done that and during our lifetime we'll be able to look through our dream books and see what dreams, plans and wishes we've actually accomplished from our bucket-lists.

I think everyone should make their own bucket-list. You don't have to make it into a whole project like we'll be doing but we'll only do that because we like crafts and these kind of things. You can just make a bucket-list as a simple list on a piece of paper/s and save it somewhere and there you have your bucket-list! I think it would be as fun for everyone to see what you've actually accomplished during your life and I think a bucket-list is the perfect way to do that. Otherwise I think it's easy to just continue living your life and not really think about what you want to accomplish and if you don't think about it you won't realize when you do accomplish something or how much you've accomplished. So I'd definitely advice you all to make some sort of bucket-list!

140626 - Today, 1 year ago, I adopted Pika. ♥

Today it's 1 year ago I adopted my fur baby Pika. ♥

Pika is now 1 year and 3 months old.

You can read the first blog-post I wrote about Pika here and you can check out Pika's own photo category here.

Adidas Performance “Spain” training jacket.

You can see more photos here.

Yesterday I got my Adidas Performance “Spain” training jacket.
It's the official training jacket that Spain used in the World Cup 2014.

I got my Adidas Performance “Spain” training jacket from Zalando.

I found the training jacket some week ago when I searched for the official World Cup 2014 shirts. Spain was still competing in the World Cup 2014 when I found the training jacket so of course one of the reasons why I wanted to get it was because I cheered for Spain, but I also wanted to get it because I think it looks really nice. I've always liked Adidas and most of my clothes are black so I'm not surprised that I liked the training jacket so much and I simply had to get it!

When I first found the training jacket I thought that it was too expensive even if it's the official training jacket for Spain and Adidas is a big brand. But this weekend I searched specifically for the training jacket and then I found it on Zalando where I managed to get the last one in my size and it was cheaper and 45% off so I definitely couldn't complain over that prize when it was less than half of the prize I had seen on other websites!

Tank top from H&M.

 Yesterday I finally got this tank top from H&M that I ordered in the beginning of May.

The tank top is black with the Eiffel tower on and the phrase “parles-vous francais?”.
I've always loved the Eiffel tower and Paris, and I also like France and the French language. And I've been wanting to get a shirt or tank top with the Eiffel tower on and something related to Paris and France (that isn't a typical tourist shirt), so of course I had to get this tank top when I saw it on the website! 

Sometimes when you order from H&M it's ridiculous how long you have to wait before your item will be delivered but I guess it's because they have to wait for the item to get back in stock again or something. They always inform you when your item will arrive though so I was obviously informed that it wouldn't arrive until now, but it didn't really matter to me as long as I could buy it and get it eventually because I suspected that I wouldn't be able to find it in a H&M store.

“The Musketeers” - Trailer.

The Musketeers is a BBC historical-action drama programme based on the characters from Alexandre Dumas's novel “The Three Musketeers.

It stars 
Luke Pasqualino as D'ArtagnanTom Burke as AthosSantiago Cabrera as AramisHoward Charles as Porthos and Peter Capaldi as Cardinal Richelieu.

Set in 1630 Paris, D'Artagnan, Athos, Aramis and Porthos are a group of highly trained musketeers who fight to protect the King and Country.
Season 2 of “The Musketeers” will premiere in 2015.

I'm following The Musketeers” and I've seen the whole Season 1 and I'm looking forward to Season 2.

Happy Midsummer!

I wish you all a Happy Midsummer weekend!

I'm going to cook dinner for me and my Mom today, and my Mom is in charge for the dessert which will be strawberries and vanilla ice cream. ♥ Strawberries is a must when it's Midsummer!

I hope you guys will have a Happy Midsummer and feel free to tell me what you'll be doing to celebrate!

Ur&Penn Summer SALE.

Ur&Penn have started their big Summer SALE. ALL their costume jewellery costs only 20 kr a piece.

Ur&Penn also have a 70% SALE on watches and 50% SALE on silver, gold and steel jewellery.

If you shop for more than 100 kr on their website you'll get free shipping with the code FREESHIP.

FIFA World Cup 2014: Adiós Spain.

 Thanks to all for your support because . Thanks as always!

Spain's National Football Team just posted the photo and status above on their Twitter.
Spain's match against Chile tonight ended with 2-0 to Chile, which unfortunately means that Spain is eliminated from the FIFA World Cup 2014 so they won't play any more matches.

As I've written before, I was cheering for Spain in the FIFA World Cup 2010 and UEFA Euro Cup 2012 and they won both of those cups. Unfortunately they have now been eliminated from FIFA World Cup 2014 so they don't have any chance to win the cup this year. How crazy would it have been if they had won 3 cups in a row?! Many people are shocked that they didn't do way better in this year's cup though since they did won 2 cups in a row and they're world champions, but I guess the phrase “shit happens” fits in here. They are still champions but they obviously didn't have the best of luck in this year's cup. 

But we'll see them next in UEFA Euro Cup 2016 and they will have another chance in FIFA World Cup 2018.

Eye-shadows & Nail-polish from Yves Rocher.

Pêche” & Blanc perle shimmering eye-shadows from Yves Rocher.
Rose sorbet” & “Jaune citrusnail-polish from Yves Rocher.

I got my package from Yves Rocher today with the eye-shadows & nail-polish I ordered on last Thursday.
Yves Rocher had a offer where you got the first item for free so I only had to pay for one of the eye-shadows and the two nail-polish + I used a coupon code so I got free shipping. That's what I call a good bargain!

Get a flower crown for Midsummer!

Do you want to get a flower crown for Midsummer? 
You can get one at Mad Lady for only 99 kr!

You can find the flower crowns here.

Make sure to order your flower crown right away so it will arrive in time for Midsummer!
(Mad Lady have a 1-3 days delivery.)

Mad Lady also wants to give you a 100 kr discount + free shipping (purchases over 500 kr).
DISCOUNT CODE: wanties14. This discount code lasts until June 30, 2014.

Friday the Thirteenth.

FIFA World Cup 2014 starts today!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup starts today!
The tournament takes place in Brazil from today, June 12 to July 13, 2014.

The first match is tonight at 9:00 pm (Swedish time) and it's Brazil against Croatia.
I don't know if it's a tradition that the host country gets to play in the first match or if it's just a coincidence (since they draw which teams/countries end up in which groups), but I think it's nice that they get to be in the first match and open the tournament since they're the host country.

I'll obviously watch the match tonight and I'm cheering for Brazil!

In 2014 FIFA World Cup I'm cheering for Spain, as I did in the World Cup 2010 and EURO 2012.
Spain is in Group B and they will play their first match tomorrow on June 13.

After Spain I'm cheering for Italy, which is my only heritage country that's in the World Cup this year.

Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts.

“My Journey, Everywhere” Ribbon Passport Holder.

Today I got my package with this “My Journey Everywhere Passport Holder.
The Passport Holder is light pink with a gold bow and the text “My Journey Everywhere” also in gold.

I ordered this Passport Holder from Ebay for only 17 kr with free shipping!
I've also seen the Passport Holder in black, hot pink, purple, green and brown. You can just search for it on Ebay and you will definitely find it, but make sure to find it for a good prize since I got mine for only 17 kr.

The material of the Passport Holder is PU leather. I didn't bother to check what material it was before I bought it and by looking at the photos I thought that the material would be like a hard fabric but it's PU leather, which feels like a mix of fabric and rubber.

I know that many other (& usually cheap) Passport Holders are also in this material, so if you want to be sure that your Passport Holder will last forever I'd advice you to get one in real leather or at least hard fabric. But I think this Passport Holder that I got will last a pretty long time too since I'm careful with my belongings and I can't see how it would break if I'm careful with it. I just thought that the material would be in a better quality. But I got it for only 17 kr, so it's a really good and cute Passport Holder for that prize and if it ever breaks I'll buy a new one in a better material if that happens.

Ticket to Katy Perry's concert in Stockholm.

I've bought my ticket to Katy Perry's “The Prismatic World Tourconcert in Ericcson Globe on March 22, 2014! ♥

Katy's concert here in Stockholm, Sweden is her last concert on her “The Prismatic World Tour” so she will at least remember us and Stockholm as her last concert on her World Tour.
I went up at 08:30am today so I could be ready at the computer when the tickets were released at 09:00am.

Live Nation
/AXS have some kind of waiting-room on their website so you just log in to the waiting room when it's about 20 minutes left until the tickets will be released and then you can fill in all your information and just wait until the tickets are released and then they will automatically offer you the best tickets available from the ticket category you've chosen and you just have to accept them and they're yours.

I obviously waited in the waiting room and it looked like I'll have an even better seat at Katy's concert than I had on Miley's concert, which was the best seat I've ever had and I sat like 10 meters from the stage. At Miley's concert I sat in the second closest section to the stage but at Katy's concert I will sit in the closest section to the stage. So I'm very happy with my ticket!

140606 - Shopping + “Maleficent”.

Black dress from H&M.

Blue tank top with an anchor print from H&M.

I bought this dress and tank top from H&M yesterday for only 99 kr each! And I had a gift-card so I didn't have to pay anything. That's what I call a good bargain!

After me and Johanna had looked at H&M we ate dinner at a Chinese restaurant and then we watched “Maleficent” in the cinema. I've been wanting to see the movie since I first heard about it since it's Disney and Angelina Jolie is starring in it. The movie was great and I would recommend it to anyone who like adventure movies.

“Hannibal” - Trailer.

Hannibal” is an American psychological thriller–horror television series.

Hannibal” stars Hugh Dancy as Will Graham and Mads Mikkelsen as Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

The series is based on characters and elements appearing in the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris and focuses on the budding relationship between FBI special investigator Will Graham and Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a forensic psychiatrist destined to become Graham's most cunning enemy.

Hannibal” is renewed for a Season 3.

I'm following Hannibal” and I've seen the 2 first seasons and I'm looking forward to Season 3 which will premiere in 2015.

140530 - Miley Cyrus @ Ericsson Globe, Stockholm, Sweden.

Miley Cyrus merchandise outside of Ericsson Globe.

Ericsson Globe.

Ericsson Globe was decorated with balloons.

Sky Ferreira was the opening act for Miley Cyrus.

I think this huge dog is supposed to be Miley's dog Floyd that recently passed away. Miley talked a bit about him since the concert was on a Friday and she have written a lot about #FloydFriday on Twitter.
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