Beyoncé - Partition.

Melodifestivalen 2014: Semi-final 4.

Tonight I watched the fourth semi-final of “Melodifestivalen 2014”.
I got home just in time before it started so I got to watch it tonight as well. I don't know if I should be that happy about it though, I thought Semi-final 3 was a bit slow last week but the Semi-final 4 tonight was even worse. As I heard all the 8 songs none of the songs really spoke to me, so it was hard for me to choose any favorites at all tonight.
1. Anton Ewald - Natural.

As you can see I only had 1 favorite tonight, but none of the other songs were good enough for me to like them unfortunately.
I knew that Anton Ewald would most likely be 1 of the 2 winners tonight and he was. He have many fans as well and he had the best song tonight in my opinion. I think the song he competed with last year was better than this year's song though. And I can tell you all that he's really good LIVE! He was the opening act for Selena Gomez last year when I was at her concert and I didn't expect him to be as good as he was.
Janet Leon was also one of the contestants tonight and I really like some of her songs but she competed with a ballad song and there's not many ballad songs out there that I like and her ballad song tonight wasn't an exception unfortunately, but I still want to mention her in this blog-post since she have some other really good songs so don't judge her on her song tonight if you haven't heard any of her songs.

Second chance round is on March 1. And the Final is on March 8.

Princess Madeleine & Christopher O'Neill welcomes a girl!

On Thursday evening, February 20, 2014, at 10:41pm in local New York time (04:41am Swedish time), H.R.H. Princess Madeleine of Sweden gave birth to a baby girl at the Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York.

Christopher O'Neill followed H.R.H. Prince Daniel's example and gave the news himself in a press conference.

A funny fact is that Princess Madeleine and Crown Princess Victoria's daugthers only have 3 days between their birthdays so they share the same star-sign. Hopefully that will give the two Princesses an extra close relationship as cousins!

 The new Princess' name was announced today by H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf.
The Princess' name is Leonore Lilian Maria! Her official title is H.R.H. Princess Leonore.

Welcome to the world, Princess Leonore! ♥

“Game of Thrones” Season 4 - Trailer #2.

Game of Thrones” Season 4 premieres on April 62014.

Melodifestivalen 2014: Semi-final 3.

Tonight I watched the third semi-final of “Melodifestivalen 2014”.
1. State of Drama - All We Are.
2. Oscar Zia - Yes We Can.
3. Ace Wilder - Busy Doin' Nothin'.

State of Drama ended up on place 3/8 along with another contestant so they will get another chance in the second chance round.
Oscar Zia was 1 of the 2 winners in Semi-final 3 so he will be competing in the final
Ace Wilder was the other winner in the Semi-final 3 so she will also be competing in the final.

I have to be happy about tonight's result since one of the contestants I liked will get another chance in the second chance round and two of them won and will compete in the final
State of Drama was my favorite tonight so hopefully they'll do good in the second chance round.
Oscar Zia was my second favorite tonight and I know he have many fans already so it didn't surprise me that he won and will get to compete in the final.
Ace Wilder have been a songwriter for international artists for many years but this is the first time me and probably many others hear about her. I immediately liked her attitude when she walked to the stage and fortunately her song and sound was good as well, so good for her for ending up as the second winner tonight!

Semi-final 4 is on February 22Second chance round is on March 1. And the Final is on March 8.

140214 - Happy Valentine's Day!

I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Foster The People - Coming of Age.

Melodifestivalen 2014: Semi-final 2.

 Tonight I watched the second semi-final of “Melodifestivalen 2014”.
1. JEM - Love Trigger.
2. Panetoz - Efter solsken.
3. Sanna Nielsen - Undo.

JEM ended up on place 3/8 along with another contestant so they will get another chance in the second chance round.
Panetoz was 1 of the 2 winners in Semi-final 2 so they will be competing in the final.
Sanna Nielsen was the other winner in Semi-final 2 so she will also be competing in the final.

I have to be happy about tonight's result since one of the contestants I liked will get another chance in the second chance round and two of them won and will compete in the final!
JEM was my favorite tonight so hopefully they'll do good in the second chance round.
I knew right when I heard Sanna Nielsen's song that she was going to win and go to the final because it was a good song, she have won before and she also have many fans so it didn't really surprise me that she won.
I'm happy for Panetoz that they won and will get to compete in the final! Two years ago they thought of stop making music with their band Panetoz and then they made their song “Dansa Pausa(“Dance Pause”) and really broke through, so they must be really happy themselves now that they went to the final in Melodifestivalen this year!

Semi-final 3 is on February 15Semi-final 4 is on February 22Second chance round is on March 1. And the Final is on March 8.


K-On!” / “Keion! 
GENRES: Comedy, Music, School, Slice of Life. SEASONS: 2, 13+26 episodes + 1 movie.

PLOT: “It's Yui Hirasawa's first year in high school, and she's eagerly searching for a club to join. At the same time, Ritsu Tainaka, a drummer, and her friend Mio Akiyama, a bassist, are desperately trying to save the school's light music club, which is about to be disbanded due to lack of members. They manage to recruit Tsumugi Kotobuki to play the keyboard, meaning they only need one more member to get the club running again. Yui joins, thinking it will be an easy experience for her to play the castanets, the only instrument she knows. However, the other members think their new addition is actually a guitar prodigy...

I've spent the last week watching “K-On!” and it was really easy to get into it and I didn't want to stop watching it once I had started so I ended up watching multiple episodes every day, which is really easy to do because most anime episodes are only about 25 minutes long.
STORY: 5/5. “
K-On! is about the four girls Yui, Ritsu, Mio and Tsumugi (the girls always call her Mugi though), and their lives and friendship that evolves thanks to their school's light music club. This might be considered a spoiler but in Season 2 another girl named Azusa Nakano joins the club. K-On! is a cute, funny and good series about friendship, music and school.
CHARACTERS: 5/5. The main characters are Yui Hirasawa, Ritsu Tainaka, Mio Akiyama, Tsumugi (Mugi) Kotobuki and Azusa Nakano and I liked them all. Yui and Ritsu are hyper almost all the time, a bit childish and they would rather play around than doing anything serious but they are able to be serious when they absolutely have to. Both Mio and Azusa are more serious and want them all to do what they're supposed to do in the club, which is practising. Mio is also shy and very easily scared. Azusa is the most serious one of the group which is kind of funny since she's also the youngest girl in the group. Mugi is always very kind to everyone and she seem to just be happy to be friends with the other girls and you get the impression that she haven't really had that many friends before. She also likes to try new things or do things she haven't done before, some things most people would consider to be normal she haven't tried or done before because she's from a rich family. I could mostly relate to Mio and Azusa, but I'm not shy and so easily scared that Mio is.
ART: 5/5. I think the art in the series was awesome! All the characters really looked amazing and professionally made and I wish every anime series would have the same quality as “K-On!” has. The surroundings in the series also looked good but I really liked how the characters looked.
MUSIC: 5/5. The series had some different theme songs through it's 2 seasons, and since the series is about a school's light music club, they played even more songs in the actual series. I think all the songs were pretty good and they were songs that made me happy to listen to.


“Say "I Love You"”.

Say "I Love You"” / “Suki-tte Ii na yo”.
GENRES: Comedy-Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo, Slice of Life. SEASONS: 1, 13 episodes.

PLOT: “Quiet and unassuming Mei Tachibana is 16-years-old, but has spent her high school years without making friends or getting a boyfriend because of a childhood incident that left her believing that people will betray each other sooner or later. When she encounters a popular boy named Yamato Kurosawa he becomes interested in her, and it is through their tentative friendship and blossoming relationship that Mei ultimately begins to branch out and befriend others.

Say "I Love You"” was the first anime series that I watched and fell in love with. I watched it last year in 2013 and unfortunately the series only had 13 episodes so I finished watching the whole series in a weekend.
STORY: 5/5Say "I Love You"” is about Mei and Yamato and some others. I think “Say "I Love You"” is a good series about loneliness, friendship, romance, relationships in general, and how Mei learns to trust someone again after being betrayed. To be honest Say "I Love You"” had a bit too much drama in it for my taste, because I got annoyed some times at how some others behaved and things they said or did, but I already liked the series too much to stop watching it and I obviously wanted to know how it was going to end. The drama made it more difficult for Mei sometimes and it caused some unneccessary misunderstandings which was why it annoyed me. But I really liked Say "I Love You"” even though there was some drama in it and I really liked Mei!
CHARACTERS: 5/5. Mei Tachibana and Yamato Kurosawa are the main characters. Mei is quiet and alone until she one day meets Yamato who insists on getting to know her. Yamato is one of the most popular boys in the school and everyone thinks he's handsome and wants to be his friend or girlfriend but the reason why everyone likes him is because he's really nice to everyone.
ART: 3/5. Even though I really liked the series and the characters, I know that they could have done better with the art when it comes to the characters and everything else. It just didn't look 100% professional to me, even though I liked the scenes and the series in general.
MUSIC: 5/5. I really like the end theme song and I have it in my mobile phone so I can listen to it whenever I want!


I'm not really sad that Say "I Love You"” only had 13 episodes (+ some special episodes but those doesn't matter to the whole story so it doesn't really matter if you watch them or not) because the story was good and it got a good ending so you can't ask for anything more than that, even though I would have liked it to have more episodes of course.

Everyone who likes Say "I Love You"” still have something to look forward to even if they've already watched the series though, because right now they're filming a Say "I Love You"live action film! The film is scheduled for a Summer 2014 release, so hopefully it will be released some time this upcoming SummerHaruna Kawaguchi will play Mei Tachibana and Sota Fukushi will play Yamato Kurosawa.


I've always known about anime series like “Pokemon” (it's not a coincidence that my cat is named Pika) and “Sailor Moon” and I've also seen some animated series on kids channels and I was a happy subscriber of the comic series “W.I.T.C.H.” until last year when they unfortunately decided to quit publishing it here in Sweden.

I've been interested in starting to watch anime series and discover the world of anime for a few years now, but it wasn't until last year 2013 that I watched my first anime series that I really liked. And now I've spent the last week watching another anime series that I also really liked, and I've gotten some recommendations on other anime series to watch and I'm sure I'll find even more series that I want to watch.

So now when I think I'll continue to watch even more anime series in the future, I decided to create a new category here on my blog: TV-Series: Anime. In that category I'll write blog-posts about anime series that I've seen and would recommend to you. I'll write the series plot, what genre the series is in and of course what I thought about it. 

Hopefully some of you likes anime series and will like this new category and if not, you can just ignore it, haha. I'll write two blog-posts as soon as possible about the two anime series I've seen so far so I can just write about other anime series that I've been seeing in the future.

Go, Google!

Google′s homepage have come out for equality at , upholding of the Olympic Charter.

Live And Let Love.

Melodifestivalen 2014: Semi-final 1.

Tonight I watched the first semi-final of “Melodifestivalen 2014”.
1. YOHIO - To the End.
2. Mahan Moin - Aleo.
3. Helena Paparizou - Survivor.

Luckily one of my favorites tonight won and will go straight to the final!
YOHIO was 1 of the 2 winners in Semi-final 1 so he will be competing in the final.
Unfortunately Mahan Moin ended up on place 7/8 so she's gone from the competition.
Helena Paparizou ended up on place 3/8 along with another contestant so she will get another chance in the second chance round.
If I end up watching all the semi-finals and the second chance round I may do a blog-post like this one after I've watched them to share which contestants were my favorites during “Melodifestivalen 2014”. If I do more blog-posts like this one, I'll share my top 3 favorites in every-blogpost (if I have that many of course). In tonight's semi-final I didn't like any of the other 5 songs, so it was really easy to pick my top 3 favorites but I'll see if I'll have any top 3 favorites in the rest of the semi-finals (otherwise I'll just write the favorite/s I have, but 3 is the maximum).
I will for sure watch the final of “Melodifestivalen 2014” because I always watch the final every year, so I can already promise you that I'll do a blog-post about the final anyway.

Semi-final 2 is on February 8. Semi-final 3 is on February 15. Semi-final 4 is on February 22. Second chance round is on March 1. And the Final is on March 8.

If you're not from Sweden, “Melodifestivalen” is the Swedish music competition that selects Sweden's entry for “Eurovision Song Contest” every year and the competition consists of four semi-finals, a second chance round and a final where the song that wins will be the entry for “Eurovision Song Contest”. There's a total of 32 songs that competes in “Melodifestivalen” every year, and there's 8 songs in each semi-final.

Shakira ft. Rihanna - Can't Remember to Forget You.

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