My 2013 Reading Challenge @ Goodreads.

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Malin has read 14 books toward her goal of 26 books.
As you can see, I didn't complete my 2013 Reading Challenge on Goodreads this year.

Last year I completed my 2012 Reading Challenge goal of 25 books (I read 26 books last year) so I know I'm able to read way more books than what I've read this year. I can't say that I've been that busy this year either so I really don't have any explanation for why I didn't meet my goal of 26 books this year when I read that many books last year when I was busier since I was still studying. But at least I have read 14 books this year! 
You can find the complete list of the books I read during 2013 and how I rated them here.

Since I didn't complete my 2013 Reading Challenge this year I will set the same goal of 26 books for my 2014 Reading Challenge.

436,757 Goodreads users participated in the 2013 Reading Challenge and 15,995 challenges were completed.

You can read my 2012 Reading Challenge blog-post here.

My countdowns 2013 @ My blog.

March 16 − Pika was born. ♥
June 7 − 3 Doors Down @ Gröna Lund. 
[I wrote a blog-post about it here & here.]
June 12 − Cruise to Åland IslandsFinland with Johanna.
[I wrote a blog-post about it here.]
June 19 − 30 Seconds to Mars @ Gröna Lund.
[I wrote a blog-post about it here & here.]
June 26 − I adopted & brought Pika home. ♥
[I wrote a blog-post about it here.]
July 7 − Ke$ha @ Gröna Lund.
[I wrote a blog-post about it here & here.]
August 31 − Selena Gomez @ Arenan/Fryshuset.
[I wrote a blog-post about it here & here.]
September 5 − My 23rd Birthday.
[I wrote a blog-post about it here.]
November 16 − Cruise to HelsinkiFinland with Johanna.
[I wrote a blog-post about it here, here & here.]
December 24 − Christmas Eve.
December 31 − New Year’s Eve.

Beautiful Creatures”. [xJohan Falk - Kodnamn: Lisa”. [xSpring Breakers”. [xThe Host”. [xAfter Earth”. [The Bling Ring”. [xKick-Ass 2”. [Monsters University”. [Percy Jackson 2”. [xMortal Instruments: City of Bones”. [xThe Frozen Ground”. [xGetaway”. [Snabba Cash III”. [x] Runner Runner”. [xThis Is the End”. [Romeo & Juliet”. [Mr. Morgan’s Last Love”. [xThe Counselor”. [] Catching Fire”. [xLovelace”. [xThe Hobbit: Part 2”. [The Philosophers”. [47 Ronin”. []

[x] = I've seen it + blog-post about it. [x] = I've seen it. [] = I haven't seen it yet.

A very important New Year's resolution.

New Year's resolution: Hereby I promise to not vote on SD in the 2014 election. Share the picture and help to spread the message by showing your support against racism.

Personally I don't need to have this as my New Year's resolution since I would never even think of voting on a party like them in any election anyway, but of course I support the idea behind this 100% and of course I want to help to spread the message by showing my support against racism. 

If you're a human who's against racism, I really think you should share the picture as well.

Santa Pika. ♥

Santa Pika. ♥

This is the best photo I managed to take on Pika in his new Santa angel costume on Friday, December 23.
I shared this photo on my Facebook to wish my family and friends a Merry Christmas this year.

131224 - Merry Christmas!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ♥

Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z - Drunk In Love.

Beyoncé - XO.

The Crown Princess Couple & Princess Estelle - Christmas greeting 2013.

The Swedish Royal Court have released this video of Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and the adorable little Princess Estelle when they're making gingerbread cookies.
Since today is Saint Lucy's Day here in Sweden I thought it would be nice to share this cute Christmas greeting here in my blog as well.

Commercial use is prohibited. The film must not be archived or copied. The film must not be sold or distributed to third parties.


Ticket to Miley Cyrus′ concert in Stockholm.

I just booked my ticket to Miley Cyrus′ “Bangers Tour 2014concert here in Stockholm on May 30, 2014! ♥

I've already got the ticket sent directly to my e-mail so I already have my ticket.
My friend Veronica was kind and told me that you could pre-book tickets to Miley Cyrus′ concert if you're a Coop member and my Mom is a Coop member so we booked my ticket today. The tickets are officially released tomorrow morning but thanks to Veronica I don't have to go up so early tomorrow since I already have my ticket.

So now I just have to wait 168 days until I'll go to Miley Cyrusconcert!

Miley Cyrus “Bangerz Tour 2014” is coming to Sweden!

 It was announced yesterday that Miley Cyrus and her World Tour “Bangerz Tour 2014” is coming to Sweden! ♥

Her concert will take place at Globe Arenas in Stockholm, Sweden on May 30, 2014.
The concert tickets will be released on Friday morning on December 13th at 09:00am.
So I'm going to go up around 08:30am on Friday so I can buy my ticket right away when they're released at 09:00am because I want to be sure that I'll get a ticket!

I've liked Miley ever since I first saw her in “Hannah Montana” in 2006 and I obviously still like her and I've been hoping for years now that she will come to Sweden so I can see her so of course I'm going to her concert next year! ♥
Are any of you going to Miley's concert?

DJ Earworm - United State of Pop 2013.

Pompeii - Trailer #2.

Pompeii” premieres on April 4, 2014.



My name is Malin and I’m 27 years old. I’m born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I live in a apartment with my Persian cat Pika. ♥

I’m a Introvert with a INTJ personality. I’ve been a Pescetarian since 2006, and I’ve always had a Straight Edge lifestyle. I’m a big fan of Harry Potter and I’m sorted into Ravenclaw. I’m also a fan of Disney. I’m a animal lover, and a big supporter of animal rights and human rights.

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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Malin has read 0 books toward her goal of 28 books.
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