Palmolive: Ayurituel joyous & Ayurituel energy.

I got a e-mail last week from some woman who's working at Palmolive and she told me that I had won a contest on Palmolive's (Swedish) Facebook-page.

I've entered in their big contest to win a trip to India but it seems like apparently you've automatically entered for other weekly contests as well when you've entered for that big contest, since I didn't enter in any other contests & won a contest anyway. But that's just fine by me! Who doesn't want to win contests?!

As you can see by the photos, I won a bathing gel and a hand-soap each from Palmolive's new products. Their new products that I got is called “Ayurituel joyous” and “Ayurituel energy”. These products is part of their new series “Palmolive Ayurituel” and they're inspired by Ayurveda rituals. The products are enriched with unique ingredients and delicate Indian-inspired scents. 

Ayurituel joyous” is with Indian mulberry & lotus flower and “Ayurituel energy” is with Indian sandalwood & ginger

I personally thought that the pink one which is the “Ayurituel joyous” smelled the nicest so I chose that bathing gel and hand-soap for myself and then I gave the other “Ayurituel energy” to my Mom. ♥

Slow Club: Beginners - starring Daniel Radcliffe.

“The official video for Slow Club's new single - Beginners - starring Daniel Radcliffe.
Shot on location in The Faltering Fullback in Finsbury Park, London in a single take.”

120621 - Shopping with Angelica.

Today Angelica came home to me around 1:30pm (13:30) since I wanted to look in some stores close to where I live because she said yesterday the she had seen some Hello Kitty things in a store and of course (since I am obsessed with HK!) I wanted to check it out! So she said yesterday that she could go with me and check it out today so that's what we did.

At first we went into Lindex because I wanted to try on a bathing-top and a bathing-suit there but they were both a bit weird since they didn't even cover my boobs properly. I don't know about you but I want my bathing-tops/bathing-suits/bikinis to at least cover my boobs and don't feel like they'll pop out any minute. Haha! So of course I didn't buy any of them.

After that we went into a new toys-store (the store is new here where I live anyway, but it's not a completely new store). Toys-stores is perfect to go into to search for Hello Kitty things plus that they're just fun! There's a saying that I completely believe in and it's that “you're only too old to play when you're dead”!

In the toys-store I found and bought this “Fantasy Model” book which is from the “Top Model” brand.
It's like a funnier coloring book because you get to draw clothes etc. on the models that's in the book. I like to draw/paint and I find that coloring books is really relaxing and also fun actually, and I've been wanting a book like this one from the “Top Model” brand for a long time now because I really like the idea to get to draw whatever clothes I like on the models and also decorate the pictures however I want! And the book is also really good since it already have finished models in it which means that you don't have to draw the actual model yourself so you only have to think about drawing the clothes onto the model, which is really good if you like me aren't the best on drawing people. I think a book like this but maybe a more professional one would be a good idea for clothing designers to draw their designs in, because that's basically what you get to do with this book; draw your own clothing designs! So I'm going to pretend that I'm a clothing designer and draw clothes onto all the models in this nice book, haha.

After we (I) were done in the toys-store we went to another new store which sells all kind of things (it's like the store ÖB but I think it's even cheaper, amazingly enough). That was the store that sold the Hello Kitty things that Angelica had told me about. But when we got there they sold even more HK things than Angelica had seen when she was there (she obviously didn't look that closely the first time since she's not obsessed with HK at all, like I am) so I was really in Hello Kitty heaven! I wanted to buy almost every HK thing I saw but I couldn't do that because that would have been expensive, even though the store sells cheap things.

I bought a Hello Kitty shampoo & bathing gel.

I found this little cute Hello Kitty address book which I also bought.

And... I bought these Hello Kitty can sodas!!!
I've seen one of these HK sodas on many pictures online but I've never seen them in any store in Sweden before so I was happily surprised when Angelica showed me these! I never thought that I would see or be able to buy any Hello Kitty soda so I'm so happy that I've now seen them and of course bought them!
I bought 4 HK cans, which is 2 cans of each flavor. The 2 flavors is raspberry and pear. The raspberry flavor is the one I've seen pictures of online before and I've never actually seen any pictures of the soda with pear flavor. I've only tried the HK soda with pear flavor so far and it's good! I'll probably turn into a loyal costumer to that store only because of the Hello Kitty sodas and of course the other Hello Kitty things that they're selling!

I also bought some snacks + a magazine from another store and I got 2 nailpolishes along with the magazine (a pink and a orange nailpolish) but that isn't that fun to see.

Breaking Dawn: Part 2 - Teaser Trailer.

120620 - The shopping I did yesterday.

I wrote in my previous blog-post that I was shopping with Elin yesterday so here's the shopping I did:I bought this Mamegoma seal from “SF bokhandeln(the Science Fiction book-store). ♥
I also bought these 2 books from “SF bokhandeln”: “Dead And Gone” and “Dead In The Family” by Charlaine Harris and it's the 9th and 10th book in the book-series about Sookie Stackhouse.

I'm reading the book-series right now so I obviously know that I'm going to want to read these books when I'm done with the books I already had at home (I have all the books between 1-8). The best thing was that I got these 2 books + my Mamegoma seal “for free” since I had a gift-card at the store! I've been to the store before but I've never bought anything there before so this was the first things I bought from the store. But I'll definitely buy more things from the store in the future because I was totally drooling over all the books I found and wanted to read! “SF bokhandeln” is definitely a store in my taste!
I got this plastic bag for free from Gina Tricot.
The girl who stood at the desk just put it in my bag so I wasn't going to say no to it. But I have no idea how the quality is since it's just plastic and sown together, otherwise it would be pretty good to use as a beach bag! The first thing I bought was this blue dress with flowers on.
It's a perfect dress for the summer and it's blue (which is my favorite color!) so I love it!
The second thing I bought was this blue tank-top!
The first photo is the front of the tank-top and the second photo is the back of the tank-top. I think that the back of the tank-top is really cool and also perfect for the summer!
And the third thing I bought was this white/pink dip-dyed dress!
The only bad thing about this dress is that it's see-through, but you can just wear a bikini under it or something. With the risk to sound like a total shopaholic I just couldn't walk away without buying this dress because I think it's so cute! It's both cute, cool and it have nice colors for the summer. And since it also had a very good prize I simply had to buy it!

I also bought a pair of black leggings but I didn't take a photo of them because a pair of simple black leggings is pretty boring to see a photo of and I'm sure you can imagine how they look like anyway.

I'm very happy with the shopping I did yesterday and the best thing is that it was all for a very good prize (+ the 4 things from “SF bokhandeln” that I even got for free)!

120620 - Shopping & sleepover with Elin.

Our (Mine & Elin's) Mamegoma seals.

Yesterday Elin came home to me around 11:00am. We were going to go shopping and she came home to me before that so we could take the bus together into the city!

So after a while I were done and we took the bus before 12:00am and we weren't home until 8:30pm (20:30). We only had some brownie at a café during the day so we had to make dinner right away when we got home so we were being funny and pretended that we were in a food-program on TV! I was the chef and at the same time I was the host and Elin was just the guest in the program. It might sound a bit childish but it was fun, haha! Don't judge before you try it yourself!

After I had made us dinner we ate and after that we watched the movie "The Last Airbender" that I own on DVD. Elin was a big fan of the cartoon-series of Avatar that the movie is based on when she was younger so she don't think the movie lives up to the series, but I think it's good. I've only seen some episodes of the cartoon-series so I can't really judge if the movie is good or bad if you compare it with the cartoon-series but when I judge it just as a movie I think it's good and I don't think it's the "worst movie of the year" as it actually got a prize for (I read that today online). I actually think that they should make a sequel to the movie and the producer have talked about it but he haven't said yes or no to it so we can only hope that he'll ignore the critique for the movie and do a sequel some time. Because I want to see movies about the other elements as well!
After we had seen the movie we just chilled a while on my bed with my cat Celeborn before we both went to bed.

Today I was so tired when Elin knocked on my door. I just wanted to sleep more (no surprise when it's me we're talking about, haha!) but we both went up after a while and had breakfast. We only had time to have breakfast and talk a bit before Elin's parents (my aunt & Elin's dad) got here to pick her up. But I'm sure we'll hang out some day soon again! We both want it to get warmer outside so we can go bathing every day, but unfortunately it's still too cold outside (or at least in the water) to go bathing. But hopefully the weather will get more suiting for bathing soon! Or otherwise we'll just hang out anyway of course.

Quote by Daniel Radcliffe.

What’s lovely is that I get so many people coming up to me, saying: ‘Oh, you’ve been such a big part of my childhood’ and that’s just the loveliest thing to hear and I never get tired of hearing that.

Daniel Radcliffe.

EURO 2012: Sweden - England.

Tonight it's time for Sweden's 2nd game in EURO 2012!

Sweden are playing against England in this game.
The game starts at 8:45pm (20:45), which is in exact 25 minutes.

This is the 2nd round of Group D. The game takes place in Kiev, Ukraine.

Sweden have to make at least 1 goal tonight to be able to go to quarter-final!

My Hello Kitty fan!

My Mom got home with this Hello Kitty fan to me today! ♥

I don't know where she bought it but I've seen Hello Kitty fans like this one before so I know that you can find them here and there. And they're not too expensive either if I remember correct.

This Hello Kitty fan is both super cute and good for the summer! The weather here in Sweden have been a bit schizophrenic lately since it have been both super cold and warm days and since it's in the middle of June it should be summer and warm outside but it's not, or at least not every day. But hopefully it will get warmer outside and then I'll be able to put my Hello Kitty fan to use!

Tiana Benjamin a.k.a. Angelina Johnson RT 1 of my tweets! ♥

Tiana Benjamin, who plays “Angelina Johnson” in Harry Potter, RT one of my tweets!!!

I was just checking my Interactions on Twitter yesterday night (17 hours ago to be exact) and then I saw this; that Tiana Benjamin had RT one of my tweets!

Tiana Benjamin
was only starring in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire as Angelina Johnson but that's still an important role in the story and she's one of the Harry Potter stars, so I'm sure you all can understand my happiness when I saw this! I still can't believe it to be honest.

It might not seem like a big deal to everyone else but to me, who's the biggest fan and loves Harry Potter more than anything else, it's a very big deal to even get noticed by any of the Harry Potter stars!

Tiana is new to Twitter so that's why I told everyone to go follow her, after I had seen that Katie Leung (who played “Cho Chang”) had tweeted about her account. So it was probably many more people than just me who tweeted about Tianas new Twitter account but out of everyone she noticed me and RT one of my tweets!

120614 - Shopping with Elin.

Today I met up with my cousin Elin and we looked in some stores and did some shopping!

We both bought bathing shorts, which was the main reason why we went shopping because we both wanted to buy new bathing shorts and we'd been talking about getting new bathing shorts for some months ago.

I bought a new pair of black bathing shorts that had turquoise inside it's pockets and the shorts, and Elin bought a pair of turquoise/blue bathing shorts.

I almost always go bathing in bathing shorts and the ones I already had at home is a pair of black Puma shorts but they're a bit annoying because it says PUMA on the side and I just wanted a new pair of black bathing shorts that's just black and don't have any text or pattern or anything on them.

I also bought a new pair of basic black leggings from H&M. The bathing shorts I bought is also from H&M. Since they're both just black and I've now described them I'm not going to take any photo of them because I'm sure you can imagine how they look like since I've described them.

Elin also bought a new blue patterned bikini which was very cute.

I also bought these 3 cell phone stickers at Guldfynd.
When you don't have an iPhone and can buy those blinged mobile cases you have to make your own, so that's exactly what I'm going to do! You just have to buy the things you want on your blinged mobile case; like rhinestones that are on this phone sticker (I think it's easiest to just buy phone stickers like these ones & then cut them so they fit on your mobile case instead of buying a lot of rhinestones & apply them yourself with glue) and if you want more things on your mobile case like Hello Kitty figures or anything else, you have to buy something that's called deco den parts. Just google it & you'll find places where you can buy that.

I didn't buy these but I picked up this package at the mail office. And the package contained 8 small bags of TUC biscuits; 4 original bags, 4 bags with cheese flavor and 4 bags with sour cream & onion flavor.

I got these TUC biscuits since I'm a member on the Buzzador website so I got it for free. Buzzador is a website where anyone can be a member and they always have different campaigns that you can say yes or no to. If you do say yes and then get accepted, you get to try the products that the current campaign is about and also give some to your family/friends and then you get to say what you think about the products. So that's why I got these 8 bags of TUC biscuits in a package for free!

was very nice to help me carry it home and her parents were here (my aunt & my cousin's dad) so of course they got a bag of each flavor to take home and try.

Me and Elin made up a new grade system to grade which flavor is the best, okay or worse flavor, but I'm not going to name the system here because it's a bit special, haha.

When me and Elin got home we opened a bag with cheese flavor which right now is my favorite flavor but according to Elin it's the worst flavor, haha. But she don't really like snacks with cheese otherwise either so that's probably why she doesn't like the TUC's with cheese.

When we'd had some biscuits and talked for some hour me, Elin, my aunt & my cousin's dad went to Mc'Donalds to have dinner and then they droved me home again before they went home.

Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away @ Gröna Lund.

Lenny Kravitz performing “Fly Away” on his concert at Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Sweden

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify.

120612 - Lenny Kravitz @ Gröna Lund, Stockholm, Sweden.

Come On Get It | Always on the Run | American Woman (The Guess Who cover)| It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over | Mr. Cab Driver | Black and White America | Fields of Joy | Stand By My Woman | Believe | Stand | Rock Star City Life | Where Are We Runnin'? | Fly Away | Are You Gonna Go My Way.

Let Love Rule.

Lenny Kravitz @ Gröna Lund today!

Today on June 12 me, Martin and Angelica are going to see Lenny Kravitz live!
He's performing on the big stage at Gröna Lund (Stockholm, Sweden) today at 8pm (20:00).

I saw that Angelica wanted to see Lenny Kravits at Gröna Lund for some months ago and then I decided to go with her to see him. At first I wanted to see him because he plays “Cinna” in The Hunger Games and I'm a fan of both the books trilogy and the movie and I know that he'll be in the other movies as well so I'm not going to say no to a chance to see him in real life. But then I also looked up his songs on YouTube and I've heard all his popular songs before but I didn't realize it was him who sang them. I recognized his name right when I got to know that he was going to be in the THG movie but I never put his name and his songs together. So in the end when I get to see the person who plays “Cinna” in real life and also gets to hear his songs live I'm not going to say no to that! I really look forward to see him live tonight!

Are any of you going to see him as well tonight?
It's already more than 1000 people who have said that they'll come on the event at Facebook so I think that there will be many more than that there tonight! Obviously everyone who's going to come haven't answered on the event at Facebook so there will probably be a lot more than 1000 people there tonight.

Hilary Duff's third novel “True” will be released in 2013.

Hilary Duff
's third and final novel in the Elixir series is called “True”and it will be released on April 16th, 2013.

True”will be released 3 days before in the US and Canada, on April 13th, 2013.
I didn't know that Hilary would write a third and final novel in the Elixir series. I thought that the second book “Devoted” was the last book in the series. But of course I'm happy that it will be a third and final book in the series because I loved it! So I really look forward to get to read it when it comes out even though it's over 10 months left!

EURO 2012: Sweden - Ukraine.

I've seen one game in the EURO 2012 so far and that was the first game that started the EURO 2012 which was Greece - Poland.

But tonight is Sweden's first game which is against Ukraine and of course I'm going to watch that!
The game starts in exactly 35 minutes which is 8pm (20:00) here in Sweden. At first they will talk from 8pm−8:45pm (20:00-20:45) and then the game starts at 8:45pm (20:45).

As you probably understand I'm cheering for Sweden in the EURO 2012.
If Sweden don't win I want Spain to win. Spain won the FIFA World Cup in 2010 so they probably have a good chance to win EURO 2012 as well.

I'm going to watch all Sweden's games and I'll probably write about every one of them before they start here in my blog so you guys don't have any excuse to not watch them. Like my friend Angelica who says she won't watch the games, go watch it now!


Loreen @ Rix FM Festival 2012.

Loreen performed at Rix FM Festival 2012 in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, Sweden.

Facebook | Twitter | Spotify.

RIX FM Festival 2012 - Kungsträdgården, Stockholm.










Harry Potter vs. Twilight.

Goodbye, ❝Desperate Housewives❞.

The last episode ever of “Desperate Housewives (“Finishing the Hat” - Season 8, Episode 23) was shown yesterday on Swedish TV!

Of course I watched the episode since I've been following DH since the beginning. At first it was my Mom who followed it when it first started and then I used to watch it with her but over the years I've been the one following it and I've seen almost every episode. DH haven't been my absolute favorite TV-series but it has still been among my favorite TV-series anyway since I've followed it for so long.

I can't believe that the TV-series started in 2004 and now it ended in 2012. That means DH have been around for 8 years! And that means that I was only 14 years old when DH first started and now I'm 21 years old so I've kind of grown up with it!

SPOILER WARNING! Don't continue to read if you haven't seen the last episode yet!

The final episode was both a good and sad episode. It was nice to see what happened to the housewives in the last episode even though I knew some things that would happen since I obviously watched the previous episode before the final episode. And then after everything I knew would happen had happened they showed what happened to the housewives after those events...

I'm not disappointed about what happened in their lives but I am disappointed that they didn't keep their promise to each other. They didn't play poker again which means that they didn't keep in touch with each other and that they didn't stay as close friends as they were when they lived on Wisteria Lane. I think that this was so sad since they've all been best friends as long as they all lived on Wisteria Lane and after Susan moved away they all eventually moved and after that their friendship ended as well. The whole TV-series was about them and their friendship and then it ended when they all moved away... That's just so sad!

I don't understand what was the point with the final scene in the episode either. When the new woman moved in to Susan's house and they showed it like it's a story to tell about that new woman. They could have just showed that a new woman moved in to Susan's house and then ended the episode with Susan driving away but instead they showed that woman who moved in to Susan's house which made both me and Angelica to think that there's a story to tell about the woman. But DH is over so why would they show that scene like that? If there won't be a story to tell about that new woman I really don't understand why they filmed it like that. But I guess we'll find out if there is a story to tell or not.

What did you think about the last episode of DH if you've seen it?


120606 - Shopping with Angelica yesterday.

Yesterday I met up with Angelica to check out some stores and I ended up buying some items...

Gray Hello Kitty shorts from H&M!
I don't really like gray that much on clothes but I had to buy them since it's Hello Kitty and they actually look good in gray so I had to buy them. I obviously hadn't bought them if I thought they were ugly in gray.

A blue Hello Kitty top from H&M.

And a blue patterned one-piece from H&M!
I've been wanting a one-piece for a long time but the real branded one-pieces are so expensive and I would never pay 1000 SEK for a one-piece because that's just crazy! Anyway, they have had some different one-pieces on H&M for a while now but I've never bought one until now since I haven't really liked the colors and patterns they've had on them before. But today I found this blue patterned one-piece and I tried it on and ended up buying it. Blue is my favorite color and the pattern is kind of crazy but still cool so that's why I ended up buying it.

When we had finished checking out H&M we went to have lunch.
I ate fish & chips and Angelica ate kebab salad.

After we were done with our lunch we went to the store “Hemmakväll” because we thought that maybe our friend Johanna were there since she works there but she must have finished working by then because she wasn't there. But we stayed a while in the store anyway since Angelica noticed that they had a huge outlet and sold movies (DVD & Blue-Ray movies) for only 10 SEK each which is so cheap!

At first I didn't really bother to look through all the movies but since Angelica found some movies that she were going to buy I started looking through the movies as well and I found a total of 8 movies that I wanted to buy which I also ended up buying! So I got 8 movies for 10 SEK each so it was only 80 SEK for 8 movies which is crazy! If you would buy 8 movies for the original price it would be more like 800 SEK so then you understand how cheap it was!

I got the movies “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1”, “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2”, “The Rite”, “Sucker Punch”, “The Last Airbender”, “Red Riding Hood”, “Letters To Juliet” and “The Burma Conspiracy”.

Of course I already have the 2 last Harry Potter movies but I only have the movies and I don't have the extra material that comes with the movies so that's why I bought these DVD's. How can I not buy them when they only cost 20 SEK together?! The reason why I didn't already have the extra material that normally comes with the movies is because I bought this Harry Potter box which contained all 8 movies on both DVD and Blue-Ray, but for some stupid reason all the extra material only came on the Blue-Ray discs and we don't have a Blue-Ray player so I'm not able to see the extra material. But now since I bought the last 2 DVD's I'm able to see the extra material on them!

I've already seen these 2 movies but I like them so that's why I bought them.

These 2 movies are both with Amanda Seyfried and I haven't seen them before but I've been wanting to see both of them so that's why I bought them.

These were the last 2 movies I got.

Me and Angelica decided to watch “The Rite” yesterday night and I thought that it would be scary since it was a thriller and it had a age limit on 15 but it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. In fact, it wasn't really scary at all. And I'm someone who usually can't even watch some thrillers because they're too much for me because I can't watch movies that are scary or unpleasant in any way. So this is not a movie you should watch if you want to watch something scary. And to be honest I wouldn't say that it's a really good movie either. You may think it's a good movie if you're interested in exorcism and things like that but I wouldn't recommend that you watch this movie if you're not interested in that.

I look forward to watch the other movie on the photo though because it has a 4 plus grade (out of 5 plus) and after reading the storyline it seems to be a exciting movie so I hope that it's good. On the background of the DVD it says: “After James Bond and Jason Bourne, here's Largo Winch!” so that seems very promising because I really like all the 3 Bourne movies! I also look forward to watch the other 2 movies I got with Amanda Seyfried.

Harry Potter @ MTV Movie Awards 2012.

The Harry Potter cast won the Award for “Best Cast”! ♥

Emma Watson was the only one from the cast who attended MTV Movie Awards 2012 so she was the one who accepted the Award for the 200+ cast members.

Harry Potter also won the Award for “Best Hero”! ♥

I don't think I have to say that I wanted Harry Potter and the cast to win all the 6 categories they were nominated in because obviously I wanted them to win everything!
I'm not going to say that The Hunger Games and their cast didn't deserve the Awards they won (which Harry Potter then lost) because I am a fan of The Hunger Games and I think that they all did a very good job with the movie and as a cast so they did deserve the Awards that they won, BUT I obviously think that Harry Potter and the cast deserved to win all the Awards more than THG did! Harry Potter is my biggest love ever and I will always love HP more than anything else and this MTV Movie Awards 2012 was the last MTV Movie Awards ever that HP will get nominated in since there aren't any more movies that will come out. So, because of that I do think that Harry Potter and the cast truly deserved to win all the 6 categories they were nominated in! But sadly they didn't.

However, I am happy that they won the Awards for “Best Cast” and “Best Hero” because that's 2 amazing Awards to win! The cast truly is the best cast ever and Harry Potter truly is the best hero ever! ♥ When it was announced that they had won the Award for “Best Cast” I almost started crying, that's how happy I was that they won that Award! It was a bit sad that the whole cast weren't there to accept the Award though because that would have been AMAZING! But Emma obviously did a good job at accepting the Award herself.

Congratulations to Harry Potter and the cast for their 2 amazing Awards! ♥

Vans - Hello Kitty Summer 2012 Collection.

VANS har precis släppt deras nya Hello Kitty kollektion som innehåller både VANS skor och kläder (tröjor, strumpor, skärp & ryggsäckar)

VANS hade en Hello Kitty kollektion förra året också, som du kan läsa om här, men personligen så tycker jag att det här årets kollektion ser mycket bättre ut.

Mina favoriter från det här årets kollektion är:

Hello Kitty Authentic.

Hello Kitty Sk8-Hi Slim.

Hello Kitty Authentic.

Hello Kitty Slip-On.

Jag vill verkligen köpa åtminstone 1 av dessa 3 par! 
Jag måste ta reda på om jag kan köpa något överhuvudtaget dock, eftersom både VANS och Sanrio bara skickar inom USA, vilket suger. Varenda Hello Kitty fan därute bor inte i USA så jag förstår inte varför de inte skickar utanför USA. De skulle tjäna så mycket mer pengar på det eftersom det finns väldigt många Hello Kitty fans runt om i världen så jag förstår verkligen inte vad eller hur de tänker.


Kollektionen innehåller totalt 8 olika par skor för kvinnor, 6 olika par skor för tjejer, 6 olika par skor för små barn och 1 par skor för spädbarn.


Translation: VANS just released their new Hello Kitty collection that contains both VANS shoes & apparel (Shirts, socks, belts & backpacks). VANS had a Hello Kitty collection last year as well, which you can read about here, but I personally think that this year's collection looks much better! I really want to buy at least 1 of these 3 pairs! ♥ I have to find out how I can buy it at all though, since both Vans & Sanrio only ships within the US, which sucks. Every Hello Kitty fan out there doesn't live in the US so I don't understand why they don't ship outside of the US. They would make so much more money on it since there are a lot of Hello Kitty fans in the world so I really don't know what or how they're thinking. Check out the rest of the shoes + apparel on VANS or SANRIO! You can order online at or pre-order at (If you live in the US!) The collection contains a total of 8 different pair of shoes for Women, 6 pair of shoes for Girls, 6 pair of shoes for Toddlers & 1 pair of shoes for Infants.


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My photos are always marked with my url (photos from January 2009 - September 2011 is marked with my old url & and my photos are normally published in my photo-categories.

I always mention the source to photos/images/texts that aren’t mine, either in the end of the blog-post or if you click on the photo/image you'll see the source.


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