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Twilight Fan Event, Stockholm/Sweden - Q&A with Robert Pattinson & Ashley Greene. ♥

Twilight Fan Event 2011 - Articles.

Late at Wednesday evening the stars arrived to Stockholm, after they've earlier been on a visit in Brussel.

Robert Pattinson chose to check out Stockholms outdoor life already on the first night, and brightened Café Opera with his presence in the vip-area.

Yesterday, Thursday, Robert was spotted shopping in the middle of Stockholm and they also spent most time in the hotelroom at Grand Hotel.

Today (Friday) a pressconference is being hold and also a "Twilight"-event for 9000 Swedish fans at Hovet in Stockholm. After that the stars will travel on and leave Sweden for this time.”

Masshysteri runt stjärnan - 9000 vilda fans mötte Robert Pattinson i går, Aftonbladet.
Anna får träffa sina "Twilight"-idoler i Stockholm, Metro.
TV: Frågan som får Pattinson ur balans/"Twilight"-stjärnorna Robert Pattinson och Ashley Greene träffade fansen i Stockholm - Då kom oväntade frågan till skådisen, Expressen.
BILDEXTRA: Kolla alla bilderna här, Expressen.
TV: Robert Pattinson: "Vi var oroliga för hur våra kroppar skulle se ut" - Se klippet från fredagens "Twilight"-presskonferens här, Expressen.
Robert Pattinson: Sexscenen var svårast, Expressen.
Robert Pattinson i Stockholm: "En ypperligt trevlig gäst", Expressen.
Twilightstjärnorna på besök, SVD.
Vampyrstjärnorna på plats i Sverige, DN.
Tusen kronor för gratisbiljett till "Twilight", DN.
Fansen väntar på "Twilight"-skådespelarna, DN.

Ulrik Munther @ Twilight Fan Event 2011.

Ulrik Munther performed at Twilight Fan Event 2011.

Twilight Fan Event 2011 was held at Hovet in Stockholm, Sweden.

Website | Facebook Twitter Spotify.

Nause @ Twilight Fan Event 2011.

Nause performed at Twilight Fan Event 2011.

Twilight Fan Event 2011 was held at Hovet in Stockholm, Sweden.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify.

Mange Makers @ Twilight Fan Event 2011.

Mange Makers performed at Twilight Fan Event 2011.

Twilight Fan Event 2011 was held at Hovet in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ashley Greene & Robert Pattinson @ Twilight Fan Event 2011.

Ashley Greene & Robert Pattinson! ♥

Twilight Fan Event 2011 was held at Hovet in Stockholm, Sweden.

Jacob T-shirt.

I got this Jacob t-shirt from my uncle Markus. ♥

He bought it when he was in Canada so unfortunately I don't know where you can get it.
He asked me if I wanted a t-shirt with Jacob on when he still were in Canada and I said yes, but he also said that he would just keep it himself if I didn't want it, haha! I know that he also like Twilight since we've actually seen 2 of the 4 movies together (Twilight & Eclipse is the movies we've seen together) on the premieres but it was still funny to hear him say that, haha! But obviously I wanted the t-shirt so I got it! ♥

Beyoncé - Party ft. J. Cole.

111027 - Twilight Fan Event @ Hovet tomorrow!

Tomorrow on Friday, October 28 it's time for Twilight Fan Event at Hovet!

That's a day that me and other Twilight-fans have been waiting for since October 4 when the first info about this year's Twilight Fan Event came out, and tomorrow is the day we've been waiting for finally here!

I still don't really understand that I'll get to see Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene tomorrow but maybe I'll understand it tomorrow when we're queuing to get in to Hovet. I still don't understand that I saw Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner last year either, so this is simply some "problem" I have; to understand that I'm going to see/have seen people I admire.

I'm going home to my uncle to sleep at his place until tomorrow. And then tomorrow I'll meet up with my cousin Elin in the city before we'll go to Hovet to start queuing to get in to Hovet.

I really look forward to tomorrow, of course, so when I've gone home to Markus (my uncle) the time will probably fly away so soon it's tomorrow and we're inside Hovet and waiting!


111027 - Julia Stars, Breaking Dawn magazine.

My mom came home with this magazine to me a while ago.

It's a perfect way to prepare myself for tomorrow's Twilight Fan Event!

I also got 12 posters with the magazine! In the magazine you got 2 posters på Breaking Dawn: Part 2 (Bella & Edward + Jacob & Wolfpack), 4 posters på Bella & Edward samt 6 posters på Robert, Kristen + Taylor.

Beyoncé - Love On Top.

Robert Pattinson & Ashley Greene are in Sweden!

Just like the headline informs you, Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene is right now in Sweden!

One of my brother's friends is working at Arlanda (the Swedish airport) and he had the big luck to get to see them! It wasn't any luck for him though since he doesn't even like them, but for all of us who do like them it would have been such a good luck to get to see them!

He told me this since he knows that I like them, which actually was very nice of him, even though it made me very jealous that he'd seen them! Haha.

So now we now that they have landed in Sweden and I'm sitting here all jealous. Haha!

Twilight Fan Event on Friday feels closer now when I know that they already have landed here in Sweden. I always have a problem with realizing that I actually is going to see persons that I like, whether it's actors, artists or bands, but the fact that they've landed in Sweden makes me realize it more anyway. I'll wait and see if I've realized it entirely on Friday, haha.

Nöjesbladet.se will air Twilight Fan Event live!

Nöjesbladet.se will air the whole Twilight Fan Event live from Hovet on Friday!

This means that everyone who can't go to Stockholm can watch everything from the Fan event live from Hovet instead.

They will not only air the Fan event live from Hovet, Nöjesbladet.se will rapport directly from the press conferance, make TV-features and meet the actors during the day.

So if you're not going to the Twilight Fan Event on Friday, you can follow everything online at Nöjesbladet.se!


Twilight Fan Event & Premiere Signs – Stockholm.

ThinkingofRob.com made these fantastic 2 pictures for the Twilight Fan Event here in Stockholm! I have talked with the girl who made the pictures on Twitter a little & of course I told her how good the pictures looked. She wrote to me + that she wrote on the website that you're allowed to save the pictures and use them. She said that you can all save them, print them and take them with you to the Twilight Fan Event so Robert and Ashley can write their autographs on them!

Unfortunately I don't think I'll get the chance to get autographs from Robert and Ashley since I won't be queuing that long so I'll probably not end up at the front where the Red Carpet is (which is the only place where you have the possibility to get autographs). And if I decide to take something with me to get autographed in case I get the possibilioty, I'll probably take some poster on them that I like and take autographs on that.

However, you can save the pictures and print them if you want to!
Click on the pictures to come to the original pictures so you can save them in their original size.

Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald's wedding pictures.

After just seven months of dating, Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald (American Idol finalist) tied the knot on October 16, 2011.

The two exchanged vows in front of 130 guests at a ranch in Malibu.


Robert's greeting to us...


The Twilight Saga, 2008-2011.


Program for Twilight Fan Event on October 28!

“Nu är programmet för Twilight Fan Event fredagen den 28 oktober äntligen klart!
och Hakim från NRJs morgonshow kommer att vara kvällens värdpar.
FÖR LIVEMUSIKEN STÅR; Mange Makers. Oleg. Nause. Thomas Stenström. Ulrik Munther.
Cissi Wallin
från bl.a. Kvällsöppet kommer att hålla i kvällens frågestund med stjärnorna Robert Pattinson och Ashley Greene.”

Insläppet till Twilight Fan Event börjar klockan 16:00 och eventet börjar klockan 18:00.

Det är roligt att få se programmet för fredagen, men jag förstår faktiskt inte hur de tänkte när de valde artisterna. Borde de inte ha tänkt på vilken genre Twilight är och valt artister som passar till sammanhanget? Den enda artisten som jag faktiskt ser fram emot att se och som jag faktiskt gillar utav de artister som kommer att uppträda är Ulrik Munther. Nause är okej men jag tycker inte direkt att det är rätt genre för eventet. Jag förstår inte hur de kunde välja t.ex. Mange Makers? Sådan musik passar verkligen inte in i sammanhanget och resten av artisterna är förmodligen också såna som inte passar in i sammanhanget eftersom jag inte ens har hört talas om dem. Vi får hoppas att Ashley och Robert inte kommer att höra något av artisterna (förutom Ulrik Munther) för då får vi väl skämmas för valet av artister till eventet, haha...

Nordisk Film have now released the program for Twilight Fan Event on Friday, October 28.

and Hakim from NRJ will be the hosts.
Cissi Wallin
will hold the interview with Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene.

Mange Makers, Oleg, Nause, Thomas Stenström and Ulrik Munther will perform on the event.

The event starts at 18:00/06:00PM and the entry opens at 16:00/04:00PM.

111021 - My VIP-ticket to Twilight Fan Event!

111019 - Today I'll start queuing/camping!

Today I'm going to start queuing/camping outside of Sergel (SF) in Stockholm for the VIP tickets to the Twilight Fan Event that's released at Friday morning.

I'm going to meet up with Bea, her brother and Angelina at 11:30am and at 12:00am we're going to start queuing/camping because that's the earliest time you're allowed to start queuing/camping according to SF, and since we're sitting outside of their building we better listen to them.

Anyway, I just wanted to write that so you know why I'm gone if you're wondering. You're all welcome to stop by Sergel and entertain us during Wednesday-Friday, if you feel like it! I'm sure the others agrees with me.

I'm probably going to be absolutely dead (tired!) at Friday so I can't promise I'll update anything in my blog at that day when I've got home, but I'll probably update again at Saturday then. Now I have to make myself ready because I have to go soon!

and take care! Or maybe I should say take care to myself since I'm the one who's going to sit outside of Sergel in 2 days.

111017 - Monday.

Today after I woke up I didn't do much (except sitting by the computer, like always) until I decided to go and look after a air-mattress for me.

I will be camping outside of Sergel (SF cinema) in Stockholm this year too (which I did last year to get VIP tickets for the Twilight Fan Event with Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner) to get VIP tickets to the Twilight Fan Event with Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene.

So when you're camping outside in this cold(!) weather it's definitely a good idea to have either a air-mattress or a groundsheet to sit/lay on when the ground obviously will be cold. I went in to 6 stores but I only found real air-mattresses and they were in heavy packages (it was heavy for me anyway) and then you need to have a pump to get air in it, so it would cost too much to buy both a air-mattress and a pump, or it would at least cost more than I wanted to spend on a air-mattress that probably only would be used one time.

I didn't look for a real air-mattress to be honest, I looked for a bath-mattress, which I see as a cheaper alternative to a real air-mattress since it obviously isn't in such a good quality as a real air-mattress and it would probably be cheaper than a real air-mattress too (& I know that some people bought a regular bath-mattresses last year to sleep on so that's where I got the idea from). But like I wrote I didn't find any, probably because it's October and summer is over so they don't think that someone would buy a bath-mattress in this time of the year. So I'll have to settle with a groundsheet that my dad already have. And of course I'm going to take a sleeping-bag with me and also put a lot of clothes on so I don't freeze to death.

I'm going to queue (& camp outside of Sergel) with Bea, her brother and Angelina.

I found and bought Hello Kitty tissues and a Hello Kitty advent calendar at one store, and a Hello Kitty lip-balm at another store. And the store only had one lip-balm left at the store where I found it so it was meant for me to buy it! Haha.

Other than the things with Hello Kitty on it, I bought a plastic Christmas tree at another store!

They have already put up Christmas things in that store and the plastic Christmas tree is 120cm tall and it only cost 99:-, which I don't think is very much for a Christmas tree, even if it's smaller than a big one.

My mom isn't really a fan of Christmas or Christmas decorations and she haven't wanted to buy a Christmas tree even if it's plastic because according to her it's hard to put it together and I don't think she wanted one anyway.

Anyway, I haven't had a real Christmas tree since my mom and dad lived together, which was before year 2003. And Christmas really isn't the same without a Christmas tree, right? So I simply had to buy the plastic Christmas tree when I saw it! Since it's smaller than a big one I can have it in my room and my mom doesn't even have to see it if she doesn't want to and I finally get a Christmas tree which is the important thing!

I probably could start decorating it right now, but I guess it's a little bit early for that, haha, so I'll have to wait to First Advent before I'll do it. I'm already looking forward to it anyway!

Sorry for the bad quality in the photos but it's dark outside which means no good light & I took them with my mobile because I didn't want to take the photos with my camera & have to transfer them to the computer.

111015 - Hello Kitty & Marie.

Today I went down to the town to see if H&M had this “onepiece” that I wanted but they didn't have it. I found a Hello Kitty stuffed animal and a medallion necklace (you know these necklaces where you can put a picture inside) with the cat Marie from The Aristocats on.

The Hello Kitty stuffed animal might look bigger than it is but it's bigger than my small Hello Kitty and smaller than my bigger Hello Kitty, if that makes sense. And how cute is it?!

When it comes to the necklace, you could choose between Marie or Bambi but the necklace with Bambi on was in gold and the background in the picture of Bambi was pink while the necklace with Marie was in silver and the background in the picture of Marie was blue. And I think silver suits with more clothes than gold does and blue is my favorite color so that's why I chose the one with Marie. I didn't buy the necklace because of Marie though, because I'm not really a fan of Aristocats or anything (even though she's cute, which is good & she's a cat & I love cats!) but I bought it because it was a medallion necklace. I've been looking for a medallion necklace for so long and I've never found any before, but now I found one in the kids department of H&M!

The kids department is good stuff! Haha. And it have some cute accessories and some clothes I actually can fit in (which was why I wanted to look after the “onepiece”) and later when I've lost even more weight I'll always be able to fit in the clothes from the kids department, haha. I don't mean that I'm only going to buy clothes from the kids department, but I think everyone knows that clothes for kids doesn't cost as much as clothes for adults and some clothes for kids actually looks good! When I say kids I mean teenagers because obviously I won't be able to fit in clothes for 10-year olds (& I don't want to either) or anything like that, I'm talking about the teenage sizes but it's still in the kids department. The teenage sizes in the kids department is like S or M in adult sizes I guess, so why not buy something from the kids/teenage department if it looks good? It would only be foolish to not buy something if you like it! So I actually look forward to lose even more weight and be able to wear and buy whatever I want and whatever I like!

Edward's Volvo s60 in Breaking Dawn.


You can find the high quality full size picture here.

Tickets to Twilight Fan Event @ Hovet on Oct. 28!

Last Friday I wrote about the Twilight Fan Event that will be held at Hovet on October 28 with Ashley Greene and Robert Pattinson, which you can read here.

Today they released the information about how you can get tickets to the event!

The tickets to the Twilight Fan Event will be released next Friday on October 21.
The tickets will be free, exactly like last year. The only thing you have to do is to pick up the tickets at the cinema that's closest to you and obviously it has to be one of the cinemas who gives out the tickets.
You can only get 2 tickets per person and the age limit is 13 years old.

The cinemas that give out the tickets are
: Filmstaden Sergel, Hötorget Stockholm, opens at 07:00 AM. Filmstaden Bergakungen, Göteborg, opens at 07:00 AM. Filmstaden Storgatan, Malmö, opens at 07:00 AM. Filmstaden Gävle, normal opening hours. Filmstaden Helsingborg, normal opening hours. Filmstaden Jönköping, normal opening hours. Filmstaden Karlstad, normal opening hours. Filmstaden Linköping, normal opening hours. Filmstaden Luleå, normal opening hours. Filmstaden Lund, normal opening hours. Filmstaden Norrköping, normal opening hours. Filmstaden Sundsvall, normal opening hours. Filmstaden Umeå, normal opening hours. Filmstaden Uppsala, normal opening hours. Filmstaden Västerås, normal opening hours. Filmstaden Växjö, normal opening hours. Filmstaden Örebro, normal opening hours.

Twilight Fan Event
is a collaboration between SF Bio, Nordisk Film and Zap Events.

You can read the official message at SF Bio and TwilightSweden

TV-spot for Breaking Dawn: Part 1.


Harry Potter themed Halloween party!

111010 - Hello Kitty Christmas stocking & toaster.

Today I got this Hello Kitty Christmas stocking and Hello Kitty toaster in the mail.
I ordered them from Amazon UK last week so it was a pretty quick delivery time.

I thought the Christmas stocking would be in a better material but it's wool. I don't think you would be able to put too heavy things in it because then it might break so I definitely won't put any heavy things in it. I don't know if I'm going to put anything in it at all to be honest, because I just bought it because I liked it as a Christmas decoration and I liked it even more because it was Hello Kitty.

And the Hello Kitty toaster I have been wanting for a long time so I finally bought it. I think and hope it's the Hello Kitty toaster which will make a Hello Kitty figure on the toasts when you put them in the toaster. Right now I'm on a diet so I can't really test it to see if a Hello Kitty figure shows up on the toast, but I definitely will test it when I'm no longer doing the diet. Anyway I hope the toaster never breaks so I can have it forever! Haha. It's definitely one of the cutest toasters ever, right?!

111009 - New lamp.

My mom bought this new lamp for me, which I have to say is pretty cute.

She bought a purple one for herself some days before she bought mine so I guess she thought I wanted one as well. You could choose between purple, white and black lamps but she chose the white one for me without asking me and it's the best color for my room anyway since I have a blue wallpaper and it would just look weird to have a dark lamp when it's already a dark wallpaper in there plus it wouldn't give as much light in the room.

I already had a white similar lamp like this one before, but it didn't have holes in it. That lamp have a name in Swedish but I don't know what it's called in English but maybe you know what I mean anyway. This new lamp gives more light in my room and it's cuter than my old one so it's definitely better.

Beyoncé - Countdown.

Behind the Scenes of “Monte Carlo” @ DVD.




Ashley Greene & Robert Pattinson comes to Sweden!

If you're a Twilight fan I guess that you've already heard the news that Ashley and Robert are coming to Stocholm (Sweden) on October 28!

They're coming here to promote Breaking Dawn: Part 1 and just like last year a Twilight Fan Event will be held at Hovet on October 28!

Last year Kristen and Taylor came to Stockholm, Sweden to promote Eclipse and to show up at the Twilight Fan Event that was held at Hovet. And this year we get to see Ashley and Robert!

I think every Twilight fan in Sweden are really lucky to have this opportunity to see the main stars of the Twilight movies! And this of course makes me wonder if we'll get to see Jackson, Kellan and Nikki next year when Breaking Dawn: Part 2 comes out? Maybe we will...

According to Nordisk Film they will announce the info about the tickets next week!
I will of course write a new post with the info as soon as it gets out so no one miss it.

Do anyone of you already know that you will go to the event?

111006 - The Market & What I bought.

Elin wanted to buy donuts and we found this place where you could buy different donuts.

While I waited for Elin to decide which donuts she wanted to buy I saw this cute chihuahua who I had to take a picture of! I become all 'aww' every time I see a cute chihuahua like this one.

I only bought 3 things from the market: Hello Kitty stickers, Hello Kitty earrings and baked almonds.

iPhone 4S & Siri.

Is Siri for real?!
I didn't even know that you could have something like Siri in a phone. It's so cool!

So for everyone who's planning to buy iPhone 4S when it comes out (it's released October 14 in the US & October 28 in Sweden), you never have to do anything with your fingers anymore because Siri will do everything for you, you just have to tell her what to do!

The question is how much iPhone 4S will cost when it comes out... Anyone who know?

111006 - Market.

Today I'm going to a big market with Elin (my cousin). This market is arranged every year at the first Thursday in October.

When Elin have finished her school day in about 1 hour they (she, my aunt & my cousin's dad) will come and pick me up. After that we'll go to my grandma and grandpa and have dinner, and after we've had dinner me and Elin will go to the market.

It just stopped raining a while ago, so I really hope that it will stay away for the rest of the day so we don't have to go around on the market in the rain. Except the risk of possibly turn into a wet cat, I'm looking forward to the market today. You can usually find some Hello Kitty things on the market and everyone who knows me obviously know that I absolutely love everything with Hello Kitty, so if I find anything with Hello Kitty at the market that I want I'll be happy. Other than that I'm definitely going to buy baked almonds, which is something I buy every year. That's simply a must-have!

Hopefully I will also get to meet up my friend Veronica to say hi at the market. We haven't met in some years even though we've kept in touch through the internet and so on. So it would definitely be fun to finally meet her, and of course her little son that I haven't met yet!

Now I have to go to the store nearby and take out some money for the market. Since it's a market and lots of different booths you can't pay with card, so you have to pay with money. So I better go to the store now so I'm ready to go when my cousin and c/o come here to pick me up.

I'm a...

Gör testet och få reda på vilken stil du har här

Testet är gjort av StyleMint, T-shirt märket av Ashley och Mary-Kate Olsen.

Translation: Do the test & find out what style you have here. The test is made by StyleMint, the T-shirt brand by Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen.

I'll start writing an English translation in every blog-post!

Från och med nu så kommer jag att skriva en engelsk översättning i varje blogginlägg som vissa andra bloggare också gör.

Den största anledningen till att jag kommer att skriva en engelsk översättning i varje blogginlägg är för att vänner som bor i andra länder ska kunna läsa min blogg, eftersom Google Translate tyvärr inte är så bra på att översätta från svenska till engelska som ni kanske vet. Och när jag skriver en engelsk översättning så är det inte bara vänner från andra länder som kommer att kunna läsa min blogg, utan alla människor i världen som kan engelska kommer att kunna läsa och följa min blogg om de vill! Och jag vill att alla som kan tänkas vilja läsa min blogg också ska kunna göra det, alltså är det bra om jag skriver en engelsk översättning i varje blogginlägg.

Jag är medveten om att alla mina tidigare inlägg är skrivna på svenska, och jag kommer att skriva en engelsk översättning i slutet av de inläggen, när jag har tid. Eftersom jag har bloggat sen år 2009 så är det en hel del inlägg att gå igenom så det lär ta ett tag att skriva en engelsk översättning i varenda inlägg...

Jag hoppas att ni gillar denna nya förändring på min blogg och att ni kommer fortsätta att följa den! ♥

From now on I'll write an English translation in every blog-post as some other bloggers do.

The biggest reason to why I'll write an English translation in every blog-post is because I want that friends who lives in other countries should be able to read my blog, since Google Translate unfortunately isn't that good at translating from Swedish to English as you may know. And when I write an English translation it's not only my friends from other countries who will be able to read my blog, people from all over the world will be able to read and follow my blog if they want to! And I want that everyone who wants to read my blog should be able to do it, so it's good that I'll write an English translation in every blog-post.

I'm aware that all my previous posts are written in Swedish, and I'll write a English translation in the end of the blog-posts, when I have the time. Since I've blogged since 2009 I have a lot of blog-posts to go through so it will take some time to write an English translation in every blog-post...

I hope that you like this new change on my blog and that you will continue to follow it! ♥

Victorious "All I Want Is Everything" Flash Mob.

World Vegetarian Day 2011!

World Vegetarian Day
(Vegetariska världsdagen) är idag den 1 oktober och firas varje år!

Meningen med vegetariska världsdagen är att främja glädjen, medkänslan och de livsförbättrande möjligheterna av vegetarianism. Det ger medvetenhet om de etiska, miljömässiga, hälsa och humanitära fördelarna med en vegetarisk livsstil.

Vegetariska världsdagen
inviger oktober månad som en vegetarisk medvetenhets månad, som slutar med Veganska världsdagen (World Vegan Day) som är den 1 november. Den vegetariska medvetenhets månaden har varit känd för bl.a. vördnad för livet månad, vegetarisk mat månaden, och mer.

Andra dagar som har betydelse i Vegetariska medvetenhets månaden är:
1 oktober - World Vegetarian Day (Vegetariska världsdagen).
2 oktober - World Farm Animals Day/WFAD (Världsdagen för farm djur).
4 oktober - The Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi.
16 oktober - FN:s World Food Day (som ofta är en tid av global uppgörelse med frågor om mänsklig livsmedelsförsörjning), även Dagen för grundandet av livsmedels- och jordbruksorganisationen av FN år 1945.
1 november - World Vegan Day/International Vegan Day (Veganska världsdagen/Internationella Vegan Dagen) - en vegansk högtid som firas sedan år 1994, det är även årsdagen av bildandet av The Vegan Society.

“Det var i slutet av femtiotalet som Sverige på en internationell vegetarisk kongress i Hannover, arrangerad av International Vegetarian Union (IVU) väckte frågan om att man borde ha en vegetarisk världsdag.
Mötet beslutade därför att länder runtom i världen skulle fira den vegetariska världsdagen den första söndagen i september. I slutet av åttiotalet beslutade IVU att den 1 oktober skulle göras till vegetariska världsdagen. I dag är firandet mycket varierande.
De senaste åren råder dock en splittring bland länderna inom IVU. England har sedan några år tillbaka en vegetarisk kampanjvecka i slutet av maj. Schweiz har valt att göra något större den 4 okt, som är djurens dag.
I Sverige fortsätter vi framgångsrikt att uppmärksamma den 1 oktober.
Hälsorörelsen, dvs. Svenska Vegetariska Föreningen, Riksförbundet, Hälsofrämjandet och Veganföreningen i Sverige arrangerar varje år sedan 1995 den Vegetariska Världsdagen.”

Att jag som själv är vegetarian (pescetarian för att vara exakt) inte visste om att det ens finns en vegetarisk världsdag är ju lite pinsamt, haha, men nu vet jag om det i alla fall.

Translation: Today is the World Vegetarian Day and it's celebrated every year on October 1! It's a little embarrassing that I didn't know about this since I'm a demi-vegetarian/pescetarian, but now I do. If you want to know more about World Vegetarian Day and why October is a vegetarian awareness month, I suggest that you google it to get to know more about it!


My name is Malin and I’m 27 years old. I’m born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I live in a apartment with my Persian cat Pika. ♥

I’m a Introvert with a INTJ personality. I’ve been a Pescetarian since 2006, and I’ve always had a Straight Edge lifestyle. I’m a big fan of Harry Potter and I’m sorted into Ravenclaw. I’m also a fan of Disney. I’m a animal lover, and a big supporter of animal rights and human rights.

My interests are animals, anime, art, blog, clothes, crafts + DIY, family, friends, fantasy, gaming, interior design, literature, movies, music, photography, shopping, traveling, tv-series, web-design, writing & youtube.

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Read more about my blog here.

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These are affiliate & referreal links to some great website memberships that I want to share! Pull the mouse over the website photo & you’ll see a description of what the website is about.
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My blog is 100% copyrighted by MalinBelle.com, since 2009. Everything you see on this site is created by me unless stated otherwise.

My photos are always marked with my url MalinBelle.com (photos from January 2009 - September 2011 is marked with my old url Malyn.se & Celeborn.blogg.se) and my photos are normally published in my photo-categories.

I always mention the source to photos/images/texts that aren’t mine, either in the end of the blog-post or if you click on the photo/image you'll see the source.


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Use the "MalinBelle" coupon code to
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