Star Wars 3D glasses.

Yesterday I saw these cool exclusive Star Wars 3D glasses at SF Sergel!

My Mom was nice and bought me a pair so I'll use them at the “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” premiere tonight!

I chose black because I prefer black over white, and Death troopers are actually more badass than Stormtroopers. Black also goes with everything and they look more normal than the white ones so they don't only have to get associated with Star Wars, they can just look cool on their own too! 
And of course, I'll save them and use them for future 3D movies!

Wizarding World Loot Crate Unboxing - November 2016.

Put on CC/Subtitles to read my opinions & thoughts during the video! Available in English & Swedish!

This is the unboxing of the first ever JK Rowling’s Wizarding World Loot Crate subscription box that was released in November 2016.

J.K. ROWLING’S WIZARDING WORLD is a bi-monthly subscription that brings the magic of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts right to your doorstep. No need to go to Diagon Alley. The magic will be brought to you with 5-7 unique and officially licensed collectibles, apparel, figures, memorabilia, and more.

Wizarding World Loot Crate.
Affiliate/Referral linkGet 5% off your Loot Crate subscription.

I filmed this video on December 28, 2016.

Etsy Black Friday Sticker Haul 2016.

Put on CC/Subtitles to read my opinions & thoughts during the video! Available in English & Swedish!

This is my Etsy planner sticker order I did during the Black Friday 2016 weekend to take advantage of the sales!


I filmed this video on December 23, 2016.

JK Rowling's Wizarding World Crate!

Loot Crate just announced their new Wizarding World Crate! ♥

I just saw someone tweet about this and I went over to the website and I had to subscribe right away! I can't say no to a “Harry Potter subscription box and another exciting thing is that you can choose your Hogwarts house which means that you will definitely get new exclusive products with your own Hogwarts house! I'm so excited and I can't wait to see which kind of Ravenclaw products I will get! ♥

The Wizarding World Crate is created with Warner Bros. and it will be available on a bi-monthly subscription. Each crate will feature new and exclusive figures, collectibles and apparel that celebrate the beloved characters and magic of the wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling.

The Wizarding World Crate will be the first ever officially licensed subscription crate for fans of both the Harry Potter franchise and the highly anticipated new film “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. The Wizarding World franchise has captivated millions of fans worldwide and continues to do so. This and combined with Loot Crate's ability to deliver a unique mystery subscription box experience brings a piece of J.K. Rowling's universe right into fans' homes. 

All contents of the Wizarding World Crate will be 5-7 carefully chosen, licensed products, exclusive to the crates. Prices for subscriptions begin from $47.99 per crate, depending on the subscription plan. The crate will be delivered every two months.

This crate's theme is Welcome to the Wizarding World: From Hogwarts to the Magical Congress of the United States and beyond, our very first crate takes you on a journey through the world of magic, where you'll meet Fantastic Beasts, learn of historical events, see some familiar faces, and more! Order before November 3.

Etsy Sticker Haul - SeasideStickers, KeenaPrints, LinnizPlanner.

This is an Etsy Sticker Haul with the latest Etsy orders I made in May and June 2016.

KeenaPrints: etsy.com/shop/keenaprints

Pipsticks Pro Club Classic Sticker Subscription - April 2016.

This was the PipsticksPro Club Classicsticker subscription box for April 2016

I’ve gotten a few random month boxes of Pipsticks earlier and I got this month’s box since I found a discount for a 1-month Pipsticks subscription but I honestly didn’t like this month’s box that much and I had to cancel my subscription.

If you like all kinds of stickers you might want to subscribe to the Pipsticks sticker subscription since that’s exactly what you will get. 
Personally I prefer stickers with specific themes or for specific things and of course planner stickers, unfortunately I feel like Pipsticks doesn’t really work for those purposes.

Pipsticks (Affiliate/Referral link)

Etsy Sticker Haul - LinnizPlanner, KeenaPrints, CartaPrintea.

Put on CC/Subtitles to read my opinions & thoughts during the video! Available in English & Swedish!

I made the Etsy planner sticker order from LinnizPlanner on December 29, 2015 and the orders from KeenaPrints and CartaPrintea in the end of February, 2016.

Sorry for the belated video, but as us Swedes say; “better late than never”! I will definitely try to film and put up Haul videos much faster in the future.

LinnizPlanner - http://etsy.com/shop/linnizplanner/
KeenaPrints - http://etsy.com/shop/keenaprints/
CartaPrintea - http://etsy.com/shop/cartaprintea/

Etsy Black Friday & Cyber Monday Planner Sticker Haul 2015.

Put on CC/Subtitles to read my opinions & thoughts about during the video! Available in English & Swedish!

I made my first big Etsy planner sticker order during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 weekend to take advantage of the sales.

Sorry for the very belated video! First I had to wait some weeks for the packages from the different Etsy shops to arrive and then I had to deal with our Swedish winter (it gets dark outside after 15:00/3 PM every day) and my own procrastination of filming the video. But as us Swedes say; “better late than never”!

TheNayDesigns - etsy.com/shop/thenaydesigns
HeidisLittlePlanner - Heidi has unfortunately closed her Etsy shop.
StickersGonnaStick - etsy.com/shop/stickersgonnastick
VintageGypsyRoad - Whitney has unfortunately closed her Etsy shop.
KarolinasKrafts - etsy.com/shop/karolinaskrafts
LinnizPlanner - etsy.com/shop/linnizplanner
SweetKawaiiDesigns - etsy.com/shop/sweetkawaiidesigns

Personal Planner/Personlig Almanacka for 2016.

I ordered my Personal Planner (Personlig Almanacka) for 2016 in September.

I designed & customized the planner as much as I could, which obviously is the best thing about this planner brand.
This is the planner I'll be using for year 2016!

Burde 2016 Weekly A5 planner.

Put on CC/Subtitles to read my opinions & thoughts about this planner during the video! Available in English & Swedish!

I ordered the Burde Weekly A5 planner in July and got it in August.

I've mostly used the Burde student planners before so I thought it would be a good idea to get another normal Burde planner since I'm not a student. Since I've used their planners before I immediately thought of them when I wanted a new planner and I fell in love with the rosé colored sleeve that comes with this planner.

Somehow I didn't realize that I ordered a planner with both lines and hours written in it and my perfectionist brain really just wants a simple planner without a hourly layout and with no lines in it. The student planners I've used before have had a hourly layout with lines in them but now I just really want a planner without them with completely blank pages.

Especially after I discovered the whole planner community last year and realized that you can actually decorate your planner and use it as a calendar, diary and scrapbook. Even if I don't end up decorating my planner at all, I just want a planner with blank pages.

There's nothing wrong with the Burde Weekly A5 planner itself, it's a good planner and I would definitely recommend it. But I just won't be able to use it because of how I want my planner to look like.

I'm going to keep the rosé colored cover and I'll use another planner for year 2016.

I'm going to give away this planner to a friend so it won't go to waste.

Ellinor bags from Gina Tricot.


Yesterday I got both these 2 handbags from Gina Tricot! ♥

I got a newsletter from Gina Tricot some days ago and they had featured the black bag with a gold chain in it. I fell in love with it right away and clicked on it to get to the store website and then I saw that it was also available in light pink with a silver chain.

So I went with my Mom yesterday when she was doing some errands so I could swing by Gina Tricot afterwards to get both of these handbags. I checked if they were available at the store before so I knew that I had to go to one store to get the black handbag and then to another store to get the light pink handbag but those stores are close to each other so that wasn't a problem. I just HAD to get the handbags!

These handbags look even better in real life, if that's even possible. I'm SO happy with them! 
The light pink bag is more like a light pink/beige color but I love it anyway.

I actually think they look like they could be designer bags, which they're obviously not.

Christmas shopping & crafts.

I found this Polar Bear decoration at Rusta and I obviously had to buy it and add it to my collection! ♥

I found these Disney Christmas heart bulbs at Ö&B and I had to get them! ♥ I digged through the whole box of them to find the ones with the best design. I love that the Disney Princesses have winter clothes on and that I got a bulb with Belle on it! ♥ I'm definitely going to hang these in my Christmas tree in the future.

I got this Christmas card making set from Lidl.

I got these Christmas stickers from Rusta and the greeting card set from Lidl.
I got these Christmas Santa stickers from Rusta and Ö&B.

Helsinki & Viking Line shopping.

I found these Moomin Christmas postcards in a bookstore in Helsinki and I obviously had to buy them. ♥ I'm giving the red Little My postcard to my Mom but I'm going to keep the others and put them up somewhere as decoration in the future.
I obviously had to go back to the Tax Free store and buy this Hello Kitty matryoshka. I've never seen any Hello Kitty matryoskas before and I thought this looked very unique so I had to buy it and I'm definitely going to display it as decoration in the future.
I also bought this Disney Cinderella coloring book from the Tax Free store.

tokidoki for Hello Kitty passport case.

 Yesterday I went to the post-office to pick up this tokidoki for Hello Kitty passport wallet

I actually discovered this passport wallet some years ago and I've been wanting to get it ever since then but I haven't really had any reason to get it since I haven't gone on any trips abroad since 2010, except for cruises but you don't even have to take your passport with you when you go on cruises to Finland. But now I did have a reason to get it since I'm going to Rhodes with my Mom!

I ordered it from a seller on AliExpress and I also managed to find it for a better price than it's being sold for on other online stores. I was worried that it wouldn't arrive in time but the seller was really helpful and chose a faster shipping method and I'm happy that I did get it in time.

So I'll be using this beautiful tokidoki for Hello Kitty passport wallet for the first time when we're going to Rhodes and for every future trip after that! If any of you are a Hello Kitty fan or if you just like the look of this and want/need a passport cover, I really recommend it! It's beautiful and it looks even better in reality than I expected and it's made in a good quality and there's not only room for your passport, you can also put the cards and money that you need in it - it's like a passport cover and wallet in one without being too big.

Polaroid sunglasses & Guldfynd earrings.

Polaroid sunglasses from Synsam.
Silver Earrings with crystals from Guldfynd.

On Friday two weeks ago I had an appointment at SynOptik to get new contact-lenses. Some years have passed since I last wore any contact-lenses so I had to check my eyes and get a new prescription for contact-lenses since my eyesight have unfortunately gotten worse since then. I usually always wear my glasses but I want to wear contact-lenses when me and my Mom are going to Rhodes. I've actually never worn glasses at a pool or a beach because it's just so much easier to wear contact-lenses than glasses when you're going to be in the pool or at the beach so you don't have to worry about your glasses getting wet or anything. Anyway, I wore the test contact-lenses I got from SynOptik during the weekend and I can obviously see in them but it feels like I should see even better than I do in them so on Monday me and my Mom went back to SynOptik to book a new appointment so we can see if the contact-lenses have the right strength or not. So I'm actually going back to SynOptik today to check that. I've already ordered contact-lenses in the strength I have on my contact-lenses now since I want to have them on our trip but if it's not the right strength I can order the right one in the future and if it is the right strength then I guess I'm just weird or something.

After we had been at SynOptik on Monday we went to SynSam since they had a SALE on sunglasses and my Mom had bought 2 pair of sunglasses for herself there some days earlier. I managed to find a black pair of Polaroid sunglasses which I got and I also got a sunglasses case for them.

After that I wanted to check inside Guldfynd since I saw that they also had a SALE when we walked by the store. I've been wanting to get a pair of earrings that are actually rings and not drop earrings which I would be able to wear all the time without having to take them out every evening and I found these silver earrings with crystals that I really liked so I decided to get them. They really look better in reality than on the photos though!

I have a pair of gold earrings that are just simple but classic small thick gold earrings that I always wore all the time when I were younger, I basically wore them during my whole childhood and I never took them out. But then when I was a teenager I decided to take them out because I wanted to wear other different earrings as well. And now when I want to wear them again since I don't have to worry about taking them out every evening (and when I do want to wear different earrings I would just take them out of course) I don't know where they are. I think that they're in some random small jewelry box that you sometimes get when you buy jewelry because I have some of those but they're all in some of my moving boxes that are at my Dad's place. I don't want to go there and go through the whole boxes to find them but hopefully the earrings are in some of those small jewelry boxes and then I will be able to find them and wear them again when I move to my own place in the future which hopefully will happen in the near future.

The reason why I've been wanting to get and wear a pair of earrings that are actually rings is because I usually wear pearl earrings (which are obviously not ring earrings) which I really love but some months ago when I was going to take them out I noticed that one of the earrings (I don't know what it's called but it's the part you close the earrings with behind your ear that I'm talking about) had somehow been pushed inside of my ear. So the part of the earring had actually been pushed inside of the hole in my ear! Luckily I managed to get it out on my own and I could calm myself down and I obviously haven't worn earrings for a while after that. I think the reason why that happened is because I sleep on the side so I probably lied on the earrings which somehow caused them to be pushed inside the hole in my ear and especially since I had them on all the time and never took them out. I've definitely learned my lesson after that crazy and scary experience and I haven't worn any earrings for some months now. I'll definitely always take out my earrings every evening now if I wear pearl earrings or other drop earrings. But when I don't wear those kind of earrings I want to wear earrings that are rings because I know that I can wear them all the time and even sleep in them because they're rings and they will definitely not be able to get pushed inside the hole of my ear or anything else. The only problem with earrings that are rings would be if they're too big obviously because then it would be too uncomfortable to wear them when you sleep or if they also have the part where you close the earrings behind your ear because I know that some ring earrings have that. But my earrings that I bought are normal ring earrings as you can see on the photo so I hope that they're not uncomfortable so I can sleep in them and wear them all the time except for when I want to wear other earrings.

Even&Odd jelly shoes (bathing shoes).

Even&Odd bathing shoes/jelly shoes from Zalando.

On Saturday I picked up these bathing shoes/jelly shoes from the post office.
Me and my Mom are going to Rhodes in some weeks and unfortunately the beach there is rocky so it's not a sandy beach. I actually prefer to swim in a pool over swimming at a beach but my Mom wants to go to the beach too and we obviously don't want to walk around on the rocks with our bare feet so that's why I had to order a pair of bathing shoes.

I've seen that these shoes are also called “jelly shoes” and that people wear them as sandals. My Mom also said that she thinks I've had shoes like these when I was little and I remember seeing shoes like these when I was younger but now I haven't seen in them in any stores in many years. But it seems like they're back again.

The shoes were available in some different colors and I chose between black and seethrough with glitter. But I obviously decided on black because it looked the most classic and it will work with anything and everything, I know that I'll never get tired of the color and I think they look more like normal sandals than the seethrough with glitter did and I really like that they do look like sandals. Otherwise I would have had to order those real bathing shoes which are usually made of some kind of fabric and I don't like the look of them at all, they certainly don't look like any real shoes because they just don't look good no matter what color they are.

I will wear these shoes as bathing shoes/flip flops and maybe around the hotel or if I'm just going to go somewhere quick. I probably wouldn't wear them as real sandals though because they're a bit flat and my feet would probably hurt if I'm going to walk for a while and it's bad for your feet anyway to walk longer distances in flat shoes.

150711 - SALE shopping.

A black Disney t-shirt with a black Mickey Mouse head with sequins on.
A black t-shirt with a red kiss mouth with sequins on.

On Saturday I went to some clothing stores with my Mom.
I got these 2 black t-shirts with sequins from Lindex and they were both on SALE.
I also got a pair of black bikini pants by North Bend from Team Sportia and they were also on SALE.

Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen Official SPOBY Tee.

On June 27 I got this Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen Official SPOBY tank top!

Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen plays Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh in the TV-series “Pretty Little Liars” and they're a couple in the TV-series and their couple name is “Spoby”.

Troian and Keegan designed this exclusive Spoby merchandise and sold it at Represent and portion of proceeds went to Race to Erase MS.

Pretty Little Liars” is one of my favorite TV-series and the character Spencer Hastings that Troian plays are my favorite character (along with Aria Montgomery that Lucy Hale plays) and the character Toby Cavanaugh that Keegan plays are one of my favorite characters among the guys in the TV-series. So it's probably no surprise that “Spoby” is one of my favorite couples (along with “Ezria”) on the TV-series! I really like “Haleb” as well.

Hilary Duff album package from Fanjoy.

On June 27 I finally got my Hilary Duff album package from Fanjoy!

Luckily I was one of the first 1000 people who ordered the album package so I got a SIGNED copy of Hilary Duff's new album “Breathe In. Breathe Out”! And that was obviously why I wanted to order the album package in the first place.

I would probably never get a chance to get a signed album or anything signed at all by Hilary since she lives in the US and have never been here in Sweden or even Europe (not that I know of at least) for a concert, so I obviously couldn't resist buying this album package so that I would get her new album signed by her! I really hope that she will come to Sweden for a concert in the future but even if she does I don't think she will do a signing because not many artists/band do that these days so I definitely think that this was probably my only chance to ever get anything signed by her, so just because of that it was totally worth it to me. Hilary is one of my favorite stars ever and I've been a fan of her for more than a decade so I'm sure you can imagine my happiness of having her new album signed by her! I'll definitely take good care of it and treasure it forever.

Besides the signed album that the first 1000 people got, I also got 4 bonus songs to download which you only got if you ordered this album package from Fanjoy, a personal letter from Hilary, a handmade bracelet that was handpicked by Hilary from 31 Bits, 9 photostrips with Hilary (a total of 36 photos), an exclusive “Breathe In. Breathe Outt-shirt, a custom tattoo set from Tattify and Hilary's favorite lip balm from EOS.

150624 - SALE shopping.

12 x point 88 mini fineliner (0,4 mm) pens and 25 x point 88 fineliner (0,4 mm) pens from Stabilo.

25 x point 88 fineliner (0,4 mm) pens from Stabilo.
12 x point 88 mini fineliner (0,4 mm) pens from Stabilo.

Yesterday I went to a local stationary store because there was some time left until I was going to meet up with my friend Johanna. I've been looking at these 12 x point 88 mini fineliner (0,4 mm) pens and 25 x point 88 fineliner (0,4 mm) pens from Stabilo every time I've been in that store and now they've sold them for a cheaper price for a while so I finally decided to buy them since they're usually more expensive.

After that I met up with Johanna and we checked out the SALE at H&M and Åhléns.
At H&M I bought 5 pair of different patterned tights and a black beautiful bra and everything was on SALE.

And at Åhléns I bought 4 packages of the hair dye that I use (which is Syoss 5-29 Intense Red if anyone's wondering). My Mom was there some day before us and she saw that they had my hair dye on SALE and that it was cheaper than it is at the place where we usually buy it so I bought 4 more packages to my storage.

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