HP Stream 13,3" laptop.

Yesterday I picked up my horizon blue HP Stream 13,3" laptop!

I have a ASUS desktop with a 27" Samsung screen that I actually got for Christmas last year, but sometimes I'm just too lazy and I don't want to sit in front of my desktop and especially if I'm going to watch a episode of a TV-show or a movie. It's just not very nice to sit in a chair when you're going to watch something when you can sit or lay in a sofa. So it's mainly for that reason that I've been wanting to get a laptop for a while but I obviously didn't want to pay too much to get one.
I found out about the HP Stream 13 laptop some month ago and after that I did some more research on it and even watched some reviews on YouTube and after that I really wanted to get it. Unfortunately I missed out on the good offer that the laptop had when I first found it and I even waited some weeks to see if the stores that had the offer would have it again but instead all of the stores raised the price on the laptop. So last week I finally ordered it from Proshop who were the only store that sold the laptop for about 100 kr more than the price I first found it for and I felt like I had to order it now when it had that price and when the store had the laptop in stock because all of the other stores who have the laptop have raised the price with 500 kr and I didn't want to pay 500 kr more.

I'm very happy with the laptop so far! ♥ I don't mind the 13,3" screen size at all and I don't think it's too small, I really like that the whole laptop is in my favorite color blue and I love that the laptop have a fanless design which means that the laptop doesn't have a fan which makes it completely quiet! I've never come across any laptop or desktop that's this quiet before. It doesn't make any sound AT ALL, not when I turn it on and no matter how many Internet windows or tabs I have open. So I really love that and I'm really impressed! I definitely recommend this laptop if you're thinking of getting one.

150611 - Nail-polishes on SALE.

777 Dragonfly, 623 Doll Pink, 640 City Red, 739 Surfers Paradise, 738 Blue Lagoon, 759 Atlantis.

Yesterday I found these 6 nail-polishes on SALE at Åhléns and I had to get them.

150607 - Shoe shopping.

A pair of black ballerina shoes from Soft Line.

A pair of black suede high heels from Tamaris.
A pair of black suede high heel sandals from Gabor.

On Sunday me and my Mom went to a shoe store and I wanted to buy a lot of shoes but I settled with 3 pair of shoes; a pair of black ballerina shoes, a pair of black suede high heels and a pair of black high heel sandals.

I've been wanting to get a pair of black high heels that I can actually walk in without my feet hurting like hell and I think it's good for everyone to have a pair of black high heels in your wardrobe. Black high heels are so classic and it works with everything! I managed to find more than one pair of comfortable high heels at the store actually but I ended up getting the black suede high heels from Tamaris because they were my favorite and I got them for a good price.

I've also been wanting to get a pair of black ballerina shoes for forever because I honestly don't own any but most ballerina shoes that you see in stores just have a flat sole and that's definitely not good for your feet to walk around in and it's not that comfortable either so I would never buy any ballerina shoes with a completely flat sole. But the first pair of shoes that I found in this store was actually these pair of ballerina shoes and I immediately looked at the sole and it's really good compared to all of those ballerina shoes with a flat sole. The sole is a bit built-up which I think it should be on all ballerina shoes because that would definitely be better for your feet and more comfortable to walk around in. Anyway, I really liked these ballerina shoes and since they had a good sole and were being sold for a good prize I had to get them and now I finally own a pair of ballerina shoes!

I found the black suede high heels from Gabor on the outlet section of the store so I obviously got them for a cheaper price than what they originally cost which was nice. These shoes are THE most comfortable high heel sandals ever! It doesn't even feel like the shoes have any heel at all when you wear them and they're so crazily comfortable so I really liked them just for that reason and I also liked the style of them so I had to get them. I also already have a pair of white high heel sandals but not any black ones so now I do.

Diamond Hello Kitty phone case for Samsung Galaxy S5.

On Friday I got this cute light pink diamond Hello Kitty phone case for my Samsung Galaxy S5! ♥

I ordered the phone case from Ebay where you can find hundreds of cute cases for your phone. 
I had my light pink Rilakkuma phone case for my old phone since I first got the case and I never switched it out so I was definitely happy with it but unfortunately I couldn't find any Rilakkuma cases for Samsung Galaxy S5 which is a bit weird since I think it's a quite popular case but since I couldn't find any I had to find another case that I wanted to get. So I found this light pink diamond Hello Kitty case and I've been using it since Friday when I got it!

NIKE Air Force 1 '07 Mid.

 Yesterday I went to the post-office to pick up my new Nike sneakers! ♥
They're the Nike Air Force 1 '07 Mid model and I ordered them from Zalando.
I got a 100 kr discount from Zalando last week so I looked at their website and found the sneakers and since I've been wanting to get these Nike sneakers for a while I took advantage of the discount and ordered them. 

I think these Nike sneakers definitely are one of the most good looking Nike sneakers out there, if not the most good looking!

Kiki's Delivery Service tank top.

Today I finally got my Kiki's Delivery Service tank top!

I've been wanting to get it since I first discovered that Hot Topic had it on their website some time last year so some weeks ago I ordered it from Ebay and today I got it so now I finally own it!
I recommend Hot Topic to everyone who loves Disney, Studio Ghibli, anime, cartoons, superheroes, movies, TV-shows, music etc. They have a lot of beautiful Disney clothes and they also have some more Kiki's Delivery Service clothes that I want to buy but I think the shipping from the website is ridiculous. I think it's actually cheaper to get the same items from Ebay so that's why I bought my tank top from a seller on Ebay instead so I could save some money on the shipping and it's obviously brand new.

150530 - Saturday's shopping.

Disney Princess Lip Smacker metal box with Cinderella. ♥
Disney Frozen loom bands & charms.

me and my Mom went to some stores and then we got a little shower on our way home since there was pouring rain outside so that wasn't so nice but what can you do when you have to get home.
I couldn't resist buying these things at Kappahl. What can I say, Disney just makes me happy! ♥

150529 - Friday's shopping.

The photo doesn't do the dress on the left justice, it's actually baby blue/pastel blue and not gray that it looks like here.
On Friday I went to H&M. They offered their club members 20% off if you bought more than 3 items so I got a total of 7 items for a good prize. The reason why I went to H&M in the first place was to buy a sports bra, a sports tank top and a pair of short yoga tights so I bought that and I also managed to find 4 dresses that I bought.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Copper Gold.

Pika is my background photo in my phone right now. ♥

I got an awesome offer from CSN two weeks ago even though I'm not even studying anymore but according to their e-mail they don't think I should stop getting offers because of that and I definitely agree. Their offer was that Tele2 customers could buy a brand new smartphone through them and save 1500 kr!

That offer was perfect for me since I've been thinking of buying a Samsung Galaxy S5 for a while and now I could buy it for 1500 kr less than what it actually costs. Luckily my Mom is a Tele2 customer so I ordered it the same day and saved 1500 kr on my phone! I chose to get the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Copper Gold.

I got my phone last week but then I noticed that you needed a micro SIM card so I had to order a new SIM card from Comviq which I got this Tuesday. So I've been using my Samsung Galaxy S5 since Tuesday!

What I love most about Samsung Galaxy S5 is the camera (16 MP), the display/screen size (5,1") and that it's waterproof! If my phone ever wants to go and take a bath it can do that without breaking the whole phone, haha.

“Don Donna Amelie” handbag.

Don Donna Ameliehandbag from Accent.

On Saturday I went to the Accent store on Kungsgatan to pick up this handbag that I had pre-ordered. I found it on the website some days earlier and since I was going to go to the city on Saturday anyway I decided to pre-order it and pick it up in the store so that's what I did.
I think this handbag looks just as good in reality as it did on the pictures on the website so I'm very happy with it! The handbag is a bit smaller than my other handbag that I usually use but it's still a perfect size and I can put everything that I need in it; my wallet, keys, bus card, headphones, mobile and I think I can put my digital camera in there as well so that's perfect.

I got this Don Donna Amelie handbag for 249 kr which I think is a very good price.

“The Sell” by Fredrik Eklund.

The Sell” by Fredrik Eklund.

You may know Fredrik Eklund as one of the real estate brokers on the TV-show “Million Dollar Listing New York”.
Fredrik has closed over two billion dollars in residential real estate and he's the founder of Eklund Stockholm New York which is Scandinavia's most high-end residential real estate brokerage.
Something that me and Fredrik have in common is that we're both Swedes who were born and raised in Sweden. And I think it's very nice to see that someone from your home country is so successful in another country and it's especially nice to see that someone is so successful in the US because whether we like it or not, the fact is that everything is bigger in the US.
I can admit that I don't think Fredrik have been portrayed the best way on the TV-show Million Dollar Listing New York in some scenes and that's often the case with TV, but from all of the other scenes I think that he seems like a nice guy who's still down to earth even after becoming so successful, which I think everyone should be no matter what you have or don't have but that isn't always the case for everyone as we all know. I also follow him on Instagram and I'm a member in his Facebook group “The Sell Members Only Club” which is an invite-only group, and after following him there he just seems like a even more nicer guy.
I obviously had to support my fellow Swede and all of his success so I actually pre-ordered this signed copy of Fredrik's book The Sell from Barnes & Noble already in the end of September last year and it finally arrived on Wednesday last week. I look forward to read the book!
You can buy The Sell in English here and in Swedish here.

150418 - Kappahl Club Day.

Black yogapants from Active Wear, 249 kr at Kappahl.
Gray exercise tank top from Active Wear, 149 kr at Kappahl.

Yesterday me and my Mom went to some stores and one of them was Kappahl because they had their second and last Club Day which means that if you're a club member you got a 25% discount on your whole purchase if you bought something.
So I wanted to take advantage of that and buy the black yogapants above which I've been wanting to buy for a while so now was a good time to do it. And when I looked at the exercise clothes I also found the gray tank top which seems to be a yoga tank top and belong with the yogapants because the tank top also have the same “asana” symbol on the back. So I decided to get the tank top as well so I have a set with yoga/exercise clothes!
Now I just have to start exercising so I can use my new clothes. Wish me luck!

Gifts from Disney “Prinsessan” magazine.

Earlier this week I got these 2 gifts from the Disney Prinsessan(The Princess) magazine.

The first photo is a pillowcase with Ariel, Snow White, Aurora/Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Belle. This gift was included in my subscription offer so I got this pillowcase and 6 numbers of the magazine for a good prize.

The second photo is what I got as a gift in the 4/2015 magazine; a notebook with Belle, Cinderella and Ariel on it and 3 stamps.

The magazine is actually made for kids and if you don't like Disney or any of the Disney Princesses you would probably see it as just a kids magazine, but since I love Disney I see it as a Disney Princesses magazine and not just a kids magazine and since you get a gift with every magazine it also gives you a chance to get some nice Disney things. I especially want things with Belle since she's my absolute favorite Disney Princess which all of you should know since Belle is in my nickname MalinBelle.

I got a special Christmas magazine during Christmas and then they had a subscription offer in the magazine and I liked the pillowcase that I would get as a gift so I just had to sign up for it. I've already gotten 3 or 4 numbers of the magazine and my subscription offer was for 6 numbers of the magazine so I definitely have to extend my subscription. I don't want to miss out on any nice Disney gifts and even though the magazine is made for kids the stories have been nice so far and every time I've gotten the magazine it have just made me happy which is exactly what Disney always does to you. Other than stories about the Princesses, the magazine contains some things you can do and it also contains beautiful posters in every magazine.

Targaryen t-shirt from HBO Shop.

On Saturday after we had been inside the “Game of Thrones: The Exhibition” we also went to the pop-up HBO shop that was outside of the Exhibition.

And of course I couldn't leave the shop without buying this Targaryen t-shirt! ♥
Daenerys Targaryen is my favorite character in “Game of Thrones” so how could I not buy this shirt?! They had two different t-shirts available, a female t-shirt which is the one I got and a unisex t-shirt. The unisex t-shirt had Targaryen and “Fire and Blood” written on it but I like the female fit better and you can obviously tell that it's a Targaryen t-shirt anyway because of their sigil that's on the t-shirt. I'm very happy with it anyway and I'll definitely use it!

Everyone who shopped in the store got a coupon that will give you 20% off at HBOShopEU and it is valid during the whole year so I'll definitely use that to buy another Targaryen item that I spotted right away on the coupon; a Targaryen tank top that looks really good and I'll definitely use it once I've gotten it. I've also found a Daenerys t-shirt and some other things that I want from the website so I'm glad they gave us a coupon code because I'll definitely use it to order the things I want some day.

Official Ashley Benson “BENZO” Tee.

 In the beginning of this week I got this “BENZOtee.
Ashley Benson designed this limited edition tee for all of her fans and then sold it on Represent.
I love Pretty Little Liars” and I obviously like Ashley as well and I liked the design so I had to buy it!
This tee definitely suits my style as well since most of my clothes are black and you can never go wrong with black and white clothes.

“life.love.beauty” by Keegan Allen.

life.love.beauty” by Keegan Allen.

In the beginning of this week I got my “life.love.beauty” book by Keegan Allen.

I bought the signed limited edition book from Barnes & Noble so the book is signed by Keegan.

I've already read half of the book and I really like it! The book is filled with Keegan's photographs, thoughts and poetry. You also get to see some photographs of the other “Pretty Little Liars” stars which I really liked since I'm a big fan of the TV-show and the cast.

If you're a fan of Keegan or if you would just like to see some behind the scenes photographs from “Pretty Little Liars” and of the cast, I would definitely recommend this book!

Keegan Allen is the international breakout star of ABC Family’s hit television series, Pretty Little Liars. A gifted photographer and writer—and a dazzling film, television, and stage actor now counting millions of fans across the globe—Keegan Allen brings tremendous talent and energy to his first publishing project.

Keegan tells a unique story with his photographs. On one hand, the book is a beautifully candid view into the glamour and timelessness of Hollywood, a mysterious yet wildly alluring place. One the other hand, it is a blissfully unassuming portrait of ordinary life - the unknown young woman gazing dreamily from the balcony of her hotel room, or the old woman who walks the same street every morning in her pink bathrobe, just to stop and talk to a passerby.

Through his own stunning photography and captivating prose and poetry, life. love. beauty. chronicles the author’s life growing up just off the Sunset Strip, coming into his own as a young aspiring actor, looking for love and understanding, negotiating the seductions and disappointments of Hollywood, landing a plum role in a hit television series, encountering and embracing his fans, traveling the globe to promote his work, and striving to stay connected to his closest friends and loved ones.

Paul Wesley Limited Edition Cat Tee.

Early last week I got this “Paul Wesley Limited Edition Cat Tee”.
Paul Wesley designed it to raise funds for The Humane Society of the US and it was sold on Represent.
I'm definitely a “crazy cat lady” who absolutely loves cats and I like Paul Wesley in “The Vampire Diaries” so I had to get this tee when I saw it. I actually found it randomly on the Represent website and luckily it was 3 days left of the campaign at the time so I had to buy it!

150205 - Books on SALE.

Yesterday I picked up my package with the 8 books I had ordered from CDON.
 The Key” by Mats Strandberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren, Belle” by Lesley Pearse, Röd måne” by Elisabet NemertLjusets dotter” by Elisabet Nemert, Wuthering heights” by Emily Brönte, Barnbruden” by Anna Laestadius Larsson, I've Got Your Number” by Sophie Kinsella and  Cocktails for Three” by Sophie Kinsella.
I saw last week that they had a offer with 4 books for 149 kr so I ordered a total of 8 books for 298 kr!

My new calendar: “Leva Livet 2015”.

This week I got my new calendarLeva Livet 2015” that I ordered from Bokus.
I thought of ordering this calendar in the end of last year, which I probably should have since January is already over now, but I didn't buy it since I thought that I already have a calendar so why should I have 2 calendars? But then in January I read about the calendar again in a blog-post by Spellmink and decided that I simply must buy it!

The calendar contains space for diary entries, inspiring texts, meditation, strengthening daily affirmations and developing exercises every week about the theme of the month, space for your intention for the week and the month, summary of good moments and challenges, beautiful pages to write your goals and dreams for 2015 and a annual chronicle.

The calendar's themes are: January - Fresh start, February - Trust, March - Self esteem, April - Self-confidence, May - Joy of living, June - Security and calm, July - Gratitude, August - Health, September - Relationships, October - Consideration, November - Success and December - Love.
I would say that this calendar is a mix between a calendar and a diary, so I think it's probably better than a normal calendar and I should have bought it in the end of last year but it's better late than never. I hope that the creator of this calendar will continue making them for every year because then I'll probably buy one every year and also keep it every year. I've always thrown away my normal spiral binder calendars when the calendar year is over because they have just been normal calendars, but since I think this calendar is like both a calendar and a diary, I'll save it together with my real diaries.
I've not written anything in my calendar yet but I've planned to do so today. I'm going to fill in January first since that month focused on your goals and dreams for 2015 so it's of course important to write down your thoughts and answers to the questions of that month and it also wouldn't make any sense to me to just skip a whole month even though it's already over. After that I'm going to write down future appointments and plans that I know of right now and of course birthdays.
You can see a sample of how the calendar looks like inside here.

Alpaca “Welcome” Plush Toy.

This week I got my Alpaca plush toy!
I've been wanting to buy this alpaca ever since I first saw it on Ebay which probably was some year ago. I thought that I can place it somewhere where you can see it in the hallway of my future home and everytime I come home it will sit there to welcome me home. I think it's a cute idea anyway. And since the alpaca itself is in a nice light yellow color, it will hopefully look good and fit in with the rest of my home decor in my future home.
I obviously saw pictures of the alpaca on different Ebay listings before I bought it and I read that it would be 45 cm. I saw on pictures that it was quite big so I don't know why but I somehow expected it to be smaller. But hopefully I'll be able to find a good place for my alpaca to sit in my future home in the future. Right now it's sitting on our kitchen table to welcome me and my Mom but I suspect that she will tell me to put it somewhere else soon.

My name is Malin and I’m 27 years old. I’m a Finnish/Danish/Swedish/Italian girl, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I live with my silver shaded Persian cat named Pika. ♥

My name is Malin and I’m 27 years old. I’m born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I live in a apartment with my silver shaded Persian cat named Pika. ♥

I’m a Introvert with a INTJ personality. I’ve been a Pescetarian since 2006, and I’ve always had a Straight Edge lifestyle. I’m a big fan of Harry Potter and I’m sorted into Ravenclaw. I’m also a fan of Disney. I’m a animal lover, and a big supporter of animal rights and human rights.

My interests are animals, anime, art, blog, clothes, crafts + DIY, family, friends, fantasy, gaming, interior design, literature, movies, music, photography, shopping, traveling, tv-series, web-design, writing & youtube.

My blog is a lifestyle blog. Since October 2011 I write all of my blog-posts in English.

Read more about my blog here.

CONTACT: contact@malinbelle.com.

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