“The Hunger Games” list - What I thought about the books.

I got the whole trilogy in February and started to read the first book “The Hunger Games” 2 weeks ago I think, and I finished reading Mockingjay(which is the last book in “The Hunger Games” trilogy) yesterday, so I thought I would answer these questions from a list that I found a few days ago to tell you what I thought of the books.

Read the answers to the questions at your own risk since it contains spoilers. I can't answer the questions and tell you what I thought about the books without mentioning some spoilers so don't read the answers if you haven't read the books and don't want to know any spoilers before you read them.

1: Who's your favourite male character? Peeta.
2: Who's your favourite female character? Katniss.
Who's your favourite character at all? Katniss, obviously. I almost always have the main character as my favourite character since it's usually the character we get to know the most and it's impossible to not bond with the main characters, or at least in my opinion.
In which District would you want to live? 12, so I could stalk Peeta. Otherwise if I have to think about money and how to survive I guess I would have to pick The Capitol, since they don't have to worry about money or how to survive there like every other district have to.
5: Did you cry while you read the books? When? I didn't cry, but I almost started to cry when I read the last chapters of the last book “Mockingjay”. I'm not going to spoil too much for anyone who haven't read the books yet but I can say that the last chapters are both sad and happy.
6: What do you think: Which character are you most like? Like I wrote on the 3rd question, the main character is usually the character we get to know the most and we don't know everything about all the other characters so it's pretty hard to even think about choosing someone else that you're most like when you don't know that much about the other characters. Except that Katniss have to kill some people, I guess I'm most like her. But I'm also a bit like Peeta too, since he really wants to stay the same way he is and he don't want to turn into someone he's not. And I'm always myself and I never try to be someone I'm not and I think it's really important to always be yourself no matter what.
7: What would be your strategy in the arena? I would probably run away and hide and hope that everyone else kills each other so I didn't have to kill anyone.
8: What weapon would you choose on the cornucopia? Since my strategy would be to not kill anyone I would probably focus on choosing other things as food and other things that I would need in the arena.
9: Your favourite quote? “Always” & “Real or not real?”
10: Least favourite character? President Snow.
11: Favourite book? I don't know which one is my favourite... I like all of them!
12: How old was you when you started to read the series? I'm 21 years old. I turn 22 later this year.
What do you think about the actors? Do they look like you picture them? I don't really picture characters so clearly that some people seem to do when I read about characters in books. I usually just think about the colors and features of the characters. So I think Jennifer Lawrence is a good choice as Katniss since she dyed her hair brown for the part and everyone who have been working with the movie says how great she is as Katniss so I choose to believe them. I think Liam Hemsworth is a good choice as Gale because he's so tall which makes him look older than Jennifer/Katniss and let's face it, he's good looking and Gale seems to be good looking in the books since many girls like him. I think Josh Hutcherson was a good choice as Peeta since I think about him when I think about Peeta now, but Peeta is supposed to have blond hair in the books and they didn't dye his hair really BLONDE which was what I expected him to have. Like I wrote I mostly think about the colors and features of the characters but I approve of all the actors who will be in the movie. After all, Suzanne have approved them herself and she only have good things to say about them all so I don't have anything negative to say about either of them.
14: Worst death? Primrose. I didn't even understand that she died because I read about all the children that died and then something happened to Katniss but I didn't really understand that Primrose actually died until I read about it again some pages after when Katniss thought about it. Of course Rue's death was also bad since I didn't expect it because I hoped that she would also survive in some way. And I didn't expect Finnick to die either, especially not when he and Annie had got married and everything. I mean, what will Annie do without him? So sad!
15: Your very first thought about the series? When I first heard about the series I just decided that I have to read it since I only heard good things about it. And I become totally obsessed with it right when I started reading the first book in the trilogy.
16: Peeta or Gale? Peeta!
Something that happened in the book you still can't deal with? I think this is a weird question and I don't really know how to answer it. But there was some deaths that I wish didn't happen in the books and some things in the books was really horrible and sad but they're all a part of the story so I don't over-analyze them too much.
18: Something THG teached you? It didn't really teach me anything, but it definitely reminded me that you should really appreciate the ones you love because some day they will be gone.
19: Most beautiful name? Primrose, Peeta.
Would you want to live in Panem? Why, why not? No, I wouldn't. Even if I and many else loves the books I don't think anyone in their right mind would want to live in a place like that.
21: Are you happy with the ending? Yes.
This or that? (add two objects) ?
Saddest moment? When Primrose died and when Katniss got her body destroyed after that.
24: Why did you decide to read the books? Because I had heard so great things about the books that I wanted to read them myself. Plus, I wanted to see the movie and then I had to read the books before I could see the movie.
A scene/quote that makes you laugh? I don't remember anything special but Peeta is described as being funny and he did said some funny comments/jokes in the books.
26: A song that always reminds you of THG? Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift.
'Rue's Lullaby' or 'The Hanging Tree'? Both.
28: A character who should survive but died? Rue, Finnick & Prim.
Do you have any merchandise? I don't have any merchandise yet (except that I own the books of course) but I will definitely buy some in the future. I already want a Mockingjay necklace!
You'll always love this series. Real or not real? Real!

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