Chester See - God Damn You're Beautiful.

The days I can't see your eyes,
I don't even want to open mine.
On the days I can't see your smile ,
I'd rather sit and wait the while.
For the days I know you'll be near,
'Cause a day without you, just isn't fair.
See the days I can hear you voice,
I'm left without a choice

But to get week in the knees,
Fall head over heels baby,
And everyother cheesy cliché
Yes I'm swept off my feet,
Oh my heart skips a beat.
But theres really only one thing to say.

God damn your beautiful to me,
Your everything, yeah
thats beautiful yes to me

I can't find the words to explain,
Just how much you got me going insane.
When you speak to me sometimes you'll find,
I studder my words and say nevermind.
'Cause even when you just walk by,
I look around to seem occuppied. 
'Cause I'm trying so hard to hide,
Yeah All of these feelings inside.

Cause I get week in the knees,
Fall head over heels baby,
And everyother cheesy cliché
Oh I'm swept off my feet,
My heart skips a beat.
But theres really only one thing to say.

God damn you're beautiful to me,
Ooh, you're everything, that's beautiful.
Yes to me, yes to me..
Yeah you're beautiful..
Yeah you're beautiful..
God damn you're beautiful,
To me, To me..

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